I bake.

I’ve been a blog lurker for years, never commenting. Please, don’t follow my example. Lurk, but leave evidence.

All the best, and remember, get rid of the shit oven, it’ll change your life.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Gourita says:

    B – I hold you single handedly responsible for my inability to lose any weight! There is a tiny voodoo doll in my bathroom, near the scales with your name on it and one day soon it will have a pin in it!
    That apart i love the blog and have read religously – but been too busy to comment. As ever am completely in awe of the fact that you do all this AND have a full time job!
    Gourita x x x

    Piss: Luca (My son, is really responsible for the unsightly weight gain and stretch marks really ). Should blame him – though he doesnt seem bothered by my accusations, choosing instead to puke/shit/dribble on me depending on his mood!
    Pissssss: You come a close second though

    • b-kom says:

      Pleased I could help out, G!!

      I hope to see you again soon, and maybe meet Luca – you need a Westminster babies reunion….x

  2. Joanna says:

    Joanna made your roasted pumpkin pasta last night B and it was awesome. Keep those recipes coming. From a very sated husband. Keith & Joanna M. x

  3. ninamcg says:

    I love, love, love this blog. Only recently rediscovered it in a time of major need for laughs and butter-heavy recipes.

    • b-kom says:

      Very kind of you! I’m embarrassingly behind on posts. Must restart! But for now yes, there are lots of recipes to get going with. Good luck!

  4. Please, please do restart!

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