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Donna Hay’s Lemon Yoghurt Cake

OMG hullo.

This is essentially a test post to see whether I bother to revive this poor, neglected blog. I have had, without sounding too up my own arse, a few requests to reboot the old dear so here we are. It’s not a full reboot but it is a bit of a ‘let’s see if anyone comments and feeds my ego enough that I continue booting the re- to its fullest extent.’

Life update: Boyfriend (aka technically husband but hey ho) remains gallantly willing to eat everything I make, NewHuman seems approximately and very obnoxiously 14, not 4 as he should be, and the dog continues to reach never before seen levels of melancholy. Status quo.


So if you’re after a cake that is (1) piss easy, (2) pleasingly lemony and soft, and (3) a literal cakewalk to make (one bowl, 5 mins max) then this is the one for you. I bang it out fairly regularly – FNAR – when I have short notice visitors or leftover yoghurt. Cause let’s be real here, anyone who claims to actively enjoy natural yoghurt is lying. I got dangerously close to really liking it, as it comes and unsullied, during a health kick earlier this year. Thank god I came to my senses in time.

Right. Pre-heat your fan oven to 160C.


2 eggs

300g self raising flour

A generous tablespoon lemon zest

60ml or so of fresh lemon juice

385g of caster sugar (I use 350g)

280g fresh natural yoghurt, Greek is nicest

180ml veg oil

2 tablespoons thyme leaves, if you’re Donna Hay, but not if you’re me and/or can’t be arsed

You’ll also want a cup of icing sugar, half a tablespoon of boiling water and one of lemon juice for when the cakes come out of the oven.

Into a large mixing bowl chuck the all the ingredients, bar the flour.

Not pretty.


See how fancy I’ve become in the last couple years? VIDEO.

Right. Once mixed, add the flour. Donna says to sift it first but I say don’t bother and I’d take her down in a fight any day of the week, so choose carefully.

Then pour into a greased Bundt tin. I don’t know what size Bundt tins Donna has but they must be boat-sized. I use a standard ring tin and then have enough mix left for another loaf. Brill.

Into the oven for 50-55 mins or until a skewer comes out clean. Whilst you wait, put the boiling water into the icing sugar. Again, you can sift here but why bother? Just start to mix it through and add the lemon juice. Essentially you’re making something that tastes like liquid sherbet. Keep adding lemon juice till it gets to a nice thick-but-runny consistency, as not very well demonstrated below.

Once the cakes come out of the oven give them 5 mins or so in the tin before turning out.

Then turn out onto a cooling rack, having put some kitchen towel or similar underneath. Then drizzle the shit out of that icing, drizzle and drizzle and do not even try to make it look neat. DO NOT.

Donna at this point sprinkles thyme leaves onto hers. Have you ever properly, carefully picked thyme leaves from their stalks? Donna doesn’t have to cause she has an army of kitchen assistants. I only have NewHuman and he’d rather drive toy cars into my legs than get involved with anything green. No thyme for me.

Then transfer onto a cake thingy or dinner plate. Whatever. Serve the fancy round one to guests and hide in the larder and eat the entire loaf one yourself.

It has the softest, loveliest crumb (thank you veg oil) and keeps lovely, and is thus nothing at all like me.