Oh. Oh dear.

Usually the best cure for my homesickness is coming home (to Australia, to clarify). Two or three weeks every year or so and I’m generally ok to spend the balance of my life on the grey, damp isle whose main upside is being close to Europe. That and the new bakery that just opened up at the bottom of my road.

Anyway, not this time. This time I’ve a nearly-2 year old who has embraced Aussie kidhood whole-heartedly and has spent most of his time here barely clothed and barefoot. It’s brilliant.

A brief child- free break to Ubud in Bali for me and the boyfriend has only sweetened things. Ma looked after NewHuman in our absence. He was an angel on all counts it seems so I can only assume we gave her the wrong kid to look after.

We fly to London on Saturday and for the first time in about ten visits home, I don’t want to go back.









4 thoughts on “Oh. Oh dear.

  1. standagega@yahoo.com.au says:

    To make matters even worse we don’t want you to return back to old blights either xx loves my girl and your beautiful family xx

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  2. narf77 says:

    Oh dear indeed! Looks like you all had a ball and that break in Bali could only have been the icing on the cake. Glad you had an amazing time and that New Human learned the delights of nakedness in the Aussie sunshine. All kids should be given at least an hour to be fully naked in the Aussie sunshine. At least it is officially “Summer” in the U.K. now. Surely that goes part way to making it a teensy bit better. Pity your friends don’t want you back, but I dare say they have moved into your house and have been renting it out for rave parties while you have been away. ALL of that mess to clean up and so little time before you return…oh well. I am sure they can shovel most of it out into the garden by then. At least you have The Dog who will be most delighted when you return. Surely some happy dog spittle will go a bit of the way towards liberating you of the doldrums.

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