Why I’m Not Currently Undertaking Any Average Baking

Please see below. Normal(ish) service due to return mid-October. In the meantime, how ARE you guys?






4 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Currently Undertaking Any Average Baking

  1. narf77 says:

    Cryptic eh? A blank wall…hmm…banging one’s head on it? Next, red steel girders…methinks some building is afoot…girders = serious structural stuff of the type that handymen shouldn’t undertake (on pains of death but oh HOW we laugh at and love them on the telly when they do 😉 )… Plastic on the furniture? You have converted to Judaism?! Ruby Wax was always going on about her mum and her plastic coated furniture in her books… this is exciting! If the dog was male you would have something to worry about in the next image but she is all girl so you are safe… I take it this is what is left of your kitchen? Hopefully it gets done before winter sets in Ms Baking…summer is threatening to come early this year. Spring has been knocking around since August although I didn’t let it in. Brunhilda is still blazing away and I am in complete denial that summer is almost here. Tell the dog that Earl sends licks.

    • b-kom says:

      Yes – new kitchen made out of the old one and a bit of unused outside space. We’ve moved everything into the sitting room and corralling NewHuman with difficulty! Should be worth it in the end I BLOODY HOPE SO CHRIST ALIVE IT’S AWFULLY DUSTY AND EXPENSIVE. Ahem.

      Embrace summer – I wish we had longer of it here! Dog licks Earl back and sends chickeny wishes. x

  2. Just thought I would say thank you for your blog posts Bree – I always laugh out loud and reading blogs like yours has eventually inspired me to start my own! 🙂

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