Blueberry & Vanilla Financiers


I’m back on Health come next week, at least Mon-Fri, so have been frontloading a few posts, mostly savoury actually, ‘cept for this one here today. I was gifted some amazing Ugandan vanilla by a friend whose husband is about a million times better at baking than anyone I’ve met before, so I had to make sure I did something yum with them. The boyfriend (who will remain ‘boyfriend’ as I cannot countenance ‘husband’ anytime soon, and I die a little inside at the thought of ‘hubs’ or ‘hubby’) hates custard, the crazy, so god knows what I’m supposed to do with the leftover egg yolks from this recipe.  I could in fact use both the egg yolks AND some more vanilla if I were to make custard.  I might need to find a new boyfriend.

Anyway, the egg yolk conundrum didn’t prevent me from having a bash at these financiers which, if I’m honest, remind me a lot of less-cakey friands. Unless they are the same thing, which would make sense.  Recipe was sourced via a google search which led to me to – – apparently the name financiers comes from Paris, the financial district etc etc blah blah whatever. They are yum, is all.  I added vanilla to my recipe.  Obviously.

Preheat your oven to 200C. I did that on my fan oven and mine came out arguably a bit too toasted but I’m a fan of the caramelised chewiness that leads to so, you know, do what you like.



170g butter, melted – warm but not hot

150g ground almonds

250g icing sugar

50g plain flour

5 egg whites

pinch of salt

some extra butter or vegetable oil for greasing molds – I just flung another 5g into the butter to melt and used that to grease the tins

blueberries – I used 3 per cake thingy.  See how you feel on the day


Stick all the dry ingredients into a big bowl and sift – by sift I mean whazz around with a whisk. The icing sugar will dust you and your kitchen like  dandruff on a middle-aged bachelor’s shoulder.

Melt your butter and when done scrape the seeds from a vanilla pod and add, stirring around.  I am sure you can use vanilla paste here.  Probably.


Whisk your egg whites till stiff peaks have formed, adding to them a pinch of salt as you go. Helps them peak.

The above is an incredibly shit photo of me trying to demonstrate stiff peaks by holding the bowl upside down over NewHuman’s head but I found I was utterly incapable of doing that, holding an iPad and pressing the camera button all at the same time. Boyfriend was unimpressed – am fairly sure you can tell that yourselves from the disapproving set of his beard.


ANYWAY – using a big metal spoon, cut the dry mix into the egg whites – do this in 2 or 3 stages, and only mix through till just combined. Then dribble in the melted butter and vanilla, mixing through as you go, and only as much as you really have to; that is, do the minimum. It’ll get to soft dropping stage, if you’ve done it ok.  Don’t knock the bowl with the spoon, don’t do anything to scare off the air you’ve managed to get into the mix.  Keep it fluffy, people.


Drop spoonfuls into your tin or cases or whatever you’ve decided to use. I’ve seen this done as a whole cake, would be bloody yum in a big round tin.  Today I went with very shallow Yorkshire pudding type things. Fill to just short of the top, and drop a few blueberries on.  They’ll look like surprised faces.  Like my face when NewHuman sleeps past 6am (I have bigger bags under my eyes, though), or the boyfriend’s face if I’m nice to him and he’s not sure why and gets a bit worried.

Into the oven for 15-20 mins, keeping an eye on them and not letting them get overly brown.  The mix made 23 little cakes, for me.


Just a pause to pay tribute to the dog who is being an utter trooper in the face of NewHuman’s new and sophisticated methods of torture. She is brilliant.   She will always be my firstborn.

Rightyo – out of the oven when done, really 15 mins should be plenty.  Let sit in a tin for a few minutes then turn out to cool on a rack.  Ideally you’d serve these with tea or coffee, on a twee plate, having sprinkled them with a bit more icing sugar but this is me so you get a shot of them on the old grill-rack, sat next to my sink.

Easy and way yum and so go make them.



3 thoughts on “Blueberry & Vanilla Financiers

  1. narf77 says:

    OOOO Financiers…Fancy…I thought that “hubs” were what you found on car wheels? Make ice cream with those yolks. Custards frozen alias that custard haters the world over just can’t seem to resist. Far as I have been able to ascertain, and I have been attempting to ascertain for a while now, Donna Hay just pinched financiers and called them “friands” and we Aussies love our friands. Maybe we just don’t want to be caught pinching froggy desserts? We don’t seem to mind pinching the NZ kind though (as they keep telling us 😉 ).

    I am confused…am I led to believe that you used 3 blueberries in this recipe? What is a cake thingy?!

    Steve affects a great disapproving look with just a flick of his beard. The boyfriend has a ways to go before he reaches the magnificence of Stevie-boys beard though so that disapproval is losing something in the translation…

    I am guessing that the “3 blueberries” is in the decoration stage now. Note to self “wait a bit you impatient woman!” good things come to those that wait. I wonder if I wait long enough, if I will get some of these delicious little friandanciers? I doubt it. I also doubt that even if Stevie-boy was eager to bake (“I” die a little at that thought!), the end results would most probably be terrifying at best and at worst might head off in a row boat across the strait in order to take over the mainland…best not talk about it…best not even THINK about it…

    The dog is affecting her best Garbo “I vant to be alone!” look there…good luck with that dog…

    I want one…I want one now (not a dog, I have 2 of them…)

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