Mexican Hash

Hi there, internet.

Mexican Hash is probably not the wisest thing to title a  blog post, but I’m here rather too rarely these days to care and am just pleased to have something for you. I am blogging this meal because (i) it’s something I totally just pulled out of my hat (I don’t wear hats), (ii) I’m feeling bad about hardly posting anything anymore, and (iii) it was actually delicious despite looking a bit like sick.  If there is one thing this blog has taught me it’s that just because it looks like sick doesn’t mean it has to taste like sick. Caveat is, of course, stuff that’s on the footpath which looks like sick. That’s probably almost definitely sick. Don’t taste that stuff.

Life has been unusually busy in the Average Baking household. I nearly died of DEATH THROAT last week but soldiered on through like a freaking trooper because I am generally amazing and because the boyfriend had a rather significant birthday and I had some plans to follow through on and because I’m 5 days from the end of the current work contract and things are getting very crunchy at the business end of reporting, and because NewHuman is now offensively mobile and favours interactions with things like steep steps and ovens and phone charger cords and the dog’s teeth, and because it’s finally Spring and we can hope for happiness, sunshine, good humour and some semblance of life once more.

Yeah. So. Anyway I’m grumpy, obviously. Diet has now been going since 6 Jan but I’ve lost over a metric tonne now so things are finally looking up and I even contemplated evil carbs for breakfast again.  If I’m lucky, any minute now I’ll be able to stop using digger buckets as bra cups, and scout tents as trousers.

I am dying to bake something delicious – we have visitors from Australia arriving in the next ten days, that might be my cue to re-enter the real world.

(I’m exaggerating obviously. I’m now so not-fat that I’m basically made of rice-paper. Mmmmmm rice paper.  Carbs.  YUM).

Anyway day before last both boyfriend and I were non-functional, operating in a haze of Strepsil fumes and self-pity, and thus both forgot to take some cooked chicken into work with us for lunch. So I had to use it up at suppertime else that poor, dead chook would’ve died for nowt but a mere glimpse of life before being chowed by the dog’s eager jaws.

Mexican hash. It’s basically student food. Go to it, students!  Hardly any chewing required.


I had my bits of leftover chicken. You use whatever you have in the chicken sense. Or strips of beef or pork would work fine, too.

Tomatoes, fresh

Avocados – 2, over-ripe

Packet of out-of-date Fajita seasoning found mouldering at the back of the cupboard

Same goes for pack of salsa

A capsicum

See the cucumber? I didn’t use it.

I did use some sour cream, though, not pictured. Get some sour cream.

Salt and pepper



Roughly chop the chicken and onion, and slice up the capsicum into strips.

So far so student.


In a frypan slop some oil, and then chuck in the onion along with the fajita seasoning. After a couple of minutes chuck in the chicken and capsicum. Shove it all about a bit for 5 mins or so, till hot. Bit soft. Smelly.  Then you should start getting nice little brownish edges on the chicken and peppers – let it sit on the bottom of the pan for this to develop. LEAVE IT ALONE. LET IT SLIGHTLY BURN.


Whilst that’s cooking, roughly choppy-mash style the avocado and throw in a bowl with chopped tomatoes, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Delicious mush.


This picture is such a lovely rendering of the deep and meaningful relationship NewHuman is developing with the dog. A relationship based on indifference on her part, and desperation on his. No-one loves a desperado. Is so uncool.


Meanwhile I’ve been following developmental advice to make sure I read NewHuman lots and lots of books. Might as well make them books I want him to read, eh?

Anyway pile the chicken mix on a plate, slop on the salsa, then spoon on the faux guacamole and top with sour cream. Drizzle lots of lovely lemon juice over it all. Some cracked black pepper might be nice. You can basically eat this with a spoon.

Mexican hash. Won’t get you high, shouldn’t get you too fat, either.



5 thoughts on “Mexican Hash

  1. narf77 says:

    And BAM you have my attention! Good luck stopping New Human from sampling the sidewalk variety of “Mexican Hash” if you aren’t quick enough ma’am (just sayin’…). Scout tent trousers…I remember them well :). You had best bake something delicious for your Aussie visitors…they will be thinking about all of that clotted cream and Devonshire tea business…can’t be giving them bean sprouts. Yeah I was wondering where that cucumber was going to fit into something with the words “Mexican” and “Hash” in the title.

    LOVE that shot of New Human and The Dog. You could simply shove images of them both in your blog posts sans words and you would completely get away with it ;). At least New Human looks more engaged with the possibilities of mixing you a drink than The Dog looks with the possibilities of a nice game with New Human 😉

    Lubbly jubbly Mexican hash…I will attempt to make some for Steve (ah…student day memories 🙂 )when I recover from my own attempt at a “health kick” whereby I quaffed about 2 litres of non-dairy kefir (homemade of COURSE) smoothie yesterday after walking Earl for 8km and watering the garden for an hour and being somewhat hungry after those marathons combined and realised that when they say “some alcohol content” they aren’t bloody kidding! I was piss drunk for 3 hours! In that time I managed to complete a study assessment (yes… assessment, not just a task 😐 ) AND handed it in…All piss drunk on something that was supposed to be bloody healthy! I am hoping (cringing and hoping) that I didn’t say anything like “hic…I LOVE you…you know you are the bestest ever lecturer that I have ever had…hic…” or anything else along those lines as I can’t even remember what I submitted let alone what I said. I actually fell asleep on the keyboard for about 15 minutes! Note to self “healthy” sometimes isn’t!

    Hope your rice paper thighs are ready for all of those Aussie carbs coming your way 😉

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