Stuff To Do With Discounted Christmas Pudding

Yeah, so I have a confession. I don’t like mince pies. I don’t like mulled wine. I know why I don’t like mince pies (as a kid no-one explained to me that fruit mince doesn’t actually have meat-mince in it, and I couldn’t see the joy in meaty-fruity filling, I’d have made a shit Tudor). No idea why I don’t like mulled wine but I think I can’t do the hot wine thing. NO.

Christmas pudding is kind of in the same vein but I find I can manage it if it’s served with a metric shitload of ice cream. That is, a bit of pudding with my ice cream. My mum, a non-drinker, makes a good (ie: blow your head off) brandy sauce and I like that, too.

All this is leading to why I’m scrabbling around trying to find things to make with a Christmas pudding a few weeks before Christmas, instead of wearily dragging out the leftovers for days after the event. Boyfriend bought one, on my request I must admit, when we were coming home from a weekend in Norfolk – Norfolk is very flat and very pretty, I like it. Anyway it was bought as a contribution to Christmas lunch at his parents’ place but they had already bought two so it was not needed. ALSO boyfriend, in some kind of insane wisdom, or massive cheaparse-ness, bought a discounted version that expires before the 25th. I know that pudding lasts for a millenia but this was uncooked, which doesn’t. I’ve been mulling (ha!) over what to do with it for a couple of weeks and made the following. One is a stuff up, albeit a delicious one, and one is ok. Feel free to avoid or copy at your own risk.

Apologies, too, for the break between posts. I’ve thought a lot about blogging but haven’t. That’s what you get for having a NewHuman with a cold and a boyfriend with a cold and …. no, I’ve no excuse bar laziness. Sorry.


For effort one I decided to incorporate cooked pudding into the biscuit base I’ve used previously here (hazelnut and choc) which is a reliably good one.

250g plain flour

1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda

2 eggs – one whole and one yolk only

good dash of nice vanilla

170g brown sugar (I used fine light brown)

75g caster sugar

170g melted butter

Pre-heat your oven to 170C


I’m having this kind of day, a flour spilling cack-handed day. An excellent day to go get a haircut, which is where I’m off to next. I will come home looking like Keifer Sutherland from The Lost Boys, no doubt. Festive.


Anyway whazz the sugar and butter together, then add the eggs and vanilla and beat till creamy. Add the flour and bicarb and mix through. Should look like the above.


Secure your leftover pudding any way you can. I had to cook mine first. It was steaming hot. First mistake. If and when you make anything with your leftover pudding, please make sure it’s nice and cool.


Add a good amount of pudding to your cookie mix and drop dessertspoons onto a baking tray, lined with paper.

The batter changed consistency, understandably, the minute I added hot pudding. So, cold pudding. yes?

Into the oven for 15 mins or so.


Send the boyfriend and ill NewHuman out into the cold, cold winter air to walk the dog so they won’t be home to witness your tragic baking fail.


Not too much of a fail, just a weird consistency for a cookie. They’re kind of cakes in cookie shape. VERY ODD.  I think, actually, that if I did this again I’d use a muffin base and that would work fine. Boyfriend, upstairs in a hot bath (no photo of this) as I write, is chowing one and has texted me to say they are yum. Result.

Next – in the fridge I had some ready  made puff pastry that needed using, so I kind of made a cheaty pain-au-pudding. I guess that’s what it is.  Again, here cold pudding will be your friend.

Heat the oven to 220C or only 200C if you’ve a fan oven.


Lay out your nice cold pastry and crumble pudding over it in a nice layer, leaving an inch or so unsullied at the far end.


Roll, securing with some nice egg wash.

Well technical, this.

Slice into fairly thin things and lay onto a papered baking tray. Eggwash the living shit out of them.


Into the oven for god knows how long. I had the oven on too hot and had to cover them in foil and turn the temp down. Maybe 15-20 mins? Just ensure the pastry is cooked in the middle of the swirl and that the Xmassy bottoms of the things are brown.


The dog, in happier, sunnier days.

Below are the finished pain-au-puddings. Further textage from bathing boyfriend indicate that these, too, are tasty.

Mince pies, yuk.



9 thoughts on “Stuff To Do With Discounted Christmas Pudding

  1. Emma says:

    I love the idea of the pastries as Boxing Day breakfast. My greedy family always scoffs the entire pudding so it’s not something I’m likely to get to try, we have it with clotted cream to slow the progress of the port through our arteries. I’ve heard that you’re meant to fry leftovers in butter which sounds revolting, and I can’t remember if it’s my dad or Delia who suggests it.

  2. narf77 says:

    There appears to be some sort of citrus fruit inside your pudding…note to self “check pudding label before buying this year” (yes, haven’t bought pudding yet…haven’t put up tree yet…haven’t done BUGGER ALL towards Christmas yet…am hiding under the bed with Earl with my fingers in my ears yelling “LA LA LA CHRISTMAS I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!” whenever anyone comes into the bedroom…

    The boyfriend’s face fur gives him a manly edge and obviously the New Human is impressed. Don’t you love how anything you dress your New Human’s in makes them look like a bloated starfish whenever you put them into baby slings and try to take a good photo of them?

    You re-invented “Rockcakes”…good old Aussie (save a fail) rock cakes! I am down to the rolled up pastry and that glace whole citrus fruit is still sitting on the edge of that saucer…

    The best thing to do with Christmas pudding is throw it into a food processor…drizzle in as much melted chocolate (any kind you like) as the mix will take and then drizzle a bit more, throw in lots of booze (enough to sink a Christmas battleship and render cold sufferers merry) a bit of cream if you fancy and any nuts, glace fruits etc. you want. I stick with the pudding, the cream and the chocolate. let the mix cool a bit and roll it into balls. You can quenelle it if you are feeling cheffy but I would have to shoot you at that point so take that on notice…eat…eat a lot…eat too many…who cares its bloody Christmas! Have a good one ma’am…colds or not. Tell the dog it’s warm here and there be long grass.

    • b-kom says:

      I don’t love the glacé fruit, am Philistine…..

    • b-kom says:

      Btw your recipe for leftover Xmas pud is way better than mine – blog it!

      • narf77 says:

        Pfft I have seen what “food blogging” does to people. I would rather be a peripheral occasional recipe chucker than trying to keep up with the manic pace. I am content to raid Pinterest mercilessly and keep anonymously abreast of the trends. That way I can pick and choose what I like and could care less whether it’s “de rigueur” or not. This little black duck likes to march to the beat of a different drum…bugger it, I don’t even OWN a drum! ;). Scruff the dog and New Human for me please…they look like they are tired of winter already. I will send them some of our sunshine (mainly because someone has apparently stolen it so you may as well have a lend of it till they bring it back 🙂 )

  3. missrocksalt says:

    How don’t you hae more commenters? You’re hilarious. Actually it’s probs because the type of readers you get are too cool for commenting. Bar my sad self. And yes, xmas pudding/cake is vile. Bring on the buche.

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