Muesli Biscuits, For Those Who Hate Pleasure

It’s 330pm on Saturday afternoon here in London. The weathermen are apoplectic with excitement as a ‘hurricane’ is due to hit the shores on Monday sometime, and meanwhile we’re having a fun time negotiating the wind. My fancy black decking out the back is covered in the dead and dying leaves of THE BASTARDING TREE OVER THE BACK FENCE, nicely complementing the contents of the dog’s recently dodgy bowels.  Setting this duo off are a range of dead herbs in buckets hanging on the wall like the ghosts of summer past. I suppose that’s what they are. Poetry, that.

Today I had planned a lot of jobs. These included and were not limited to:-

(i)  Cleaning up the deck (boyfriend being responsible for cleaning the dogshit, obv) – leaves, dead stuff, etc

(ii)  Going to the petshop to get food for the dog, who is almost out and, because she is spoilt and our middle class guilt doesn’t allow us to buy her supermarket food, sups on special stuff we have to make extra trips for

(iii) Going to the supermarket to stock up on human food. This inevitably entails trying to figure out what we might want to eat for supper in the coming week. That inevitably entails me working out what I am prepared to cook.

(iv) Washing the dog. She deserves it.

(v) Doing all the washing in the house, including towels and sheets and stuff, notwithstanding the fact that because the weather is so shithouse I haven’t room to hang it all.

(vi) Walking the dog.

I’ve done precisely none of the above. Last night it was my turn to try to sleep in a bit, which I obviously failed to do, but which resulted in me stomping downstairs unkempt and un-refreshed about 9am to join the boyfriend on the sofa, where we failed to move very much for a good while, apart from plugging NewHuman with a bottle and then passing him into the care of his cot for a couple of hours.

Parenting is easy, no idea why people make such a fuss about it.


Last week I made muesli biscuits. I in fact thought they were ok, specially because I added some choc chips to the mix. Boyfriend was unimpressed but he basically doesn’t like anything that resembles health. Got them from the below book:-


This book is stuff of legend in my childhood. We had one at home, absolutely abused it was, too. Brilliant. I found it, sold as ‘vintage reprint’ in the local newsagent when back home in Perth so I bought it.  Boyfriend has turned down the pages of several future bakes, mostly involving hours of separate stages and, thus, making them unlikely to ever see the light of day. If he’s lucky he may get some Weekenders.

K. Muesli biscuits, actually quite nice.


Preheat your oven to about 170C.  As it’s an Aussie recipe it doesn’t faff about with such things as Gas Marks or Farenheit.


185 g butter, melted

130g (1 cup) toasted muesli (use whatever you have lying about, will be fine)

90g (1 cup) coconut

90g (1 cup) rolled oats – whole or not, doesn’t matter

75g (half a cup) self-raising flour

110g (half a cup) raw sugar – I used demarara

35g (quarter of a cup) sesame seeds

1 tablespoon honey

1 egg, lightly beaten

** I added half a pack of milk choc chips. Was nice.  Think was about 50-60g, so not too many.


Basically chuck everything in a bowl and mix through.


Does it look like particularly chunky sick?

Of course.

That’ll be good, then.


The recipe says to mould level tablespoons of mixture into balls. I reckon dessertspoons would be better and found that wetting my hands every few biscuits or so definitely helped with the bit of work required to get the biscuits to ball up. As it were.

Flatten them slightly. A bit. With your hand. Don’t go too hard.  You should get somewhere between 20-30 biscuits.

Into the oven for about 15 mins or until golden.


Relations on the NewHuman and dog front appear to be coming on very well.

Don’t overcook the biscuits, and don’t take them off the trays straight away – let them cool there for a while on the trays.

Eat.  I suspect they’d be quite nice crumbled over icecream. Or the mixture crumbled on an oven tray and dried out a bit, used as a crunch topping on desserts. Or whatever.



5 thoughts on “Muesli Biscuits, For Those Who Hate Pleasure

  1. narf77 says:

    You should enter that photo in a caption contest…”See if you could fit my head in your mouth…wider…wider…WIDER!” ;). Awesome shot of obviously insane dog and equally as insane child. Kudos…you managed to get 2 of them at the same time. Most of us aim for one but hey, what the heck, you may as well get it over and done with now. Crazy New Human and Crazy Dog the stuff that photo competitions are made of :). LOVE that book! Everyone’s mum had it, I had it (I was “everyone’s” mum at one stage and used it constantly) and even traded it with my younger sister when my kids decided that biscuits weren’t what they were in to at the moment. Wish I had it back…I could go some of those muesli biscuits

    • b-kom says:

      D’you know I’ve decided I really bloody like these muesli biscuits….

      • narf77 says:

        Yeah…BUGGER that they are healthy. I used to make them for the kids and they hoovered them down and my kids were…shall I say…NOT into the healthy stuff. Wouldn’t know it now. The 2 daughters exist on obscure Korean food and the son and heir went off to cooking school…must have been that early intervention with the Woman’s Weekly bickie book now that I come to think of it! Best get New Human in on the ground floor methinks…crumbs in the bottle? 😉

      • b-kom says:

        He will be doing the baking soon as possible.

      • narf77 says:

        BONUS…time to get a mini chef hat and apron for Christmas and a teeny tiny moustachio. Dog would, of course, HAVE to photobomb that photoshoot… You could start your own FB page “The Culinary Adventures of New Human and Dog”

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