Jamie Oliver’s One-Tray Chicken Bake Thingamajig

So yes, we are back from our trip to Oz, myself and NewHuman, and were happy to discover the boyfriend had not gone at all feral during our absence. Happy but a bit disappointed. The house was clean (thanks, cleaner) and bedsheets were fresh and fruit was made available and milk had not turned to cheese. Dog was initially stoked to see us but returned to her usual aloof ways within about 60 seconds. Perfection.

Australia was busy. I am tired. NewHuman travelled very well, being popular with grannies and aircrew alike. His indiscriminate muppet-style face-cracking smile meant I could do a lot of, ‘oh, do you want a cuddle?’ at various people across Australia’s departure lounges and in the cheap seats on the plane.

Anyway the below is something I made a version of for friends in Queensland, and have remade now am home to London and it’s all grey days and dark nights, slimy leaf-ridden footpaths and damp airs. Bloody delicious it is, too.  It’s so easy as to be almost offensive, and is the sort of thing you can shove at people you have latterly invited over for lunch and whilst they exclaim at its flavourful appearance you can take all the glory without once letting on it basically consists of throwing things in an oven tray and taking it out about 90 mins or so later.

You should def make it.


Pre-heat your oven to 180C or Gas Mark 4.

Please gather:-

• Small ciabatta loaf – don’t go too small, the bread is arguably the best bit of the whole thing.
• 8 chicken thighs or drumsticks – I use 4 of each
• 2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes – I use whatever nice-looking tomatoes are the go, slightly bigger ones are fine
• Bunch of basil, leaves picked
• 1 garlic bulb, broken into cloves, skin on
• Handful of black olives, stoned – I didn’t stone mine. I’ve always found the best way to stone olives is to just eat them yourself and spit the pips out
• Olive oil
• 1 dried red chilli – I used about half a teaspoon of chilli flakes
• 8 slices of pancetta, or thin-sliced smoked streaky bacon – I bought proscuitto in a jetlagged haze, so substituted for streaky bacon at last minute. Was the right decision.


Throw everything into a nice big oven tray.

Seriously, that’s it.

Season it well and mix it about, leaving the chicken on top.

Chuck it into the oven.

After 30 minutes stir it all around a bit, turning the chicken if you want to.


After an hour throw the basil leaves in and lay your bacon over the chicken pieces and back into the oven for 15 minutes.


This is my Nana’s rescue dog. He’s allegedly a shitzu. He’s a shit-zu. A terrible example of the breed but has global skills in snoring, sliding on cork floors and sitting up to beg, fruitlessly, for treats.


I obviously ensured NewHuman got a foot in Aussie waters. Coolum did the job for us this time. He was unsure, so I just left him in the water till he was sure.  Ace parenting.


Right. Tray out of the oven.

The chicken and bacon should’ve been having a nice pash and the tomatoes having had a major breakdown means the bread can get greedy and suck up all their emotional juices. As it were. Bloody lovely.

Eat. You should probably add a green salad with this, for health, but the boyfriend is allergic to lettuce so I didn’t…

I know.



7 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver’s One-Tray Chicken Bake Thingamajig

  1. Michelle says:

    Hello, after months of reading your blog and attempting to recreate your recipes I felt it was time to leave a reply! I feel like we have some weird parallel life (in a very non stalkery kind of way!) I was born in Subi and grew up on the Sunshine Coast and now reside with my husband and not so small human (6 years old now – which makes me feel particularly old) just outside York. When I saw your entry saying that you were flying from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, I just about fell off my chair, 3 years ago we took our nssh back to Perth to visit family and friends then flew onto Sydney to see more family and then drove up to the coast (more family to see on the way) and spent the last 3 weeks there, eating swimming and sleeping. The picture of your small human hanging out in Coolum was fab, before I read where you were I thought it almost looked like main beach Noosa. I’m glad you had a good time and I think people say scary things about travelling with nh’s but we have found it easy, helps when they are able to ‘perform’ on cue!! I will try this recipe, have made another similar one, but this is much ‘posher’ lol (almost English now) with the addition of bacon a bread. Take care and I really enjoy reading your blog.

    • b-kom says:

      Oh that’s aces, thank you! Always let me know what you’ve tried and whether it worked out… I am a Vic Park girl so we’re not too far from one another in Perth terms, although obv the north-south divide is pretty serious….!

  2. narf77 says:

    As usual a perfect example of scrumptiousness on a plate. The only reason why we keep forgiving Jamie Oliver for being an ADHD nob and continue buying his cookbooks. The best bit is that you just made the Med equivalent of a roast chook with stuffing and NONE of the pain of having to work out if it is done, if the stuffing is heated enough to not give your guests salmonella and the somewhat queasy “hole stuffing” in the first place when you just KNOW that it is all going to leak out of that chooks nether regions anyway. May as well be done with it and toss it all in a single layer in a bake and VOILA! Heaven :). A young rooster is starting to piss the neighbours off with it’s crowing, methinks it needs to meet Mr Oliver’s acquaintance ASAP. Welcome back. Small human looks like an Aussie. Your job here is done 🙂

    • b-kom says:

      NewHuman is in fact 51% Australian so I am under some pressure to make sure he gets enough rough and tumble in his life, and doesn’t become a mimsy Londoner….

      Sacrifice that rooster, he’ll make more people happy contributing to a tray bake!

      • narf77 says:

        Yup…rooster on the out (along with a few of his brothers) so a BIG celebratory tray bake is in order. Glad to see you aren’t letting the side down with NewHuman. It would be a shame to “Fauntleroy” him up 😉

  3. Cindy Taylor says:

    I will be serving this up next weekend for sure. As a vegetarian married to a meat n two veg man, I am so excited by the ease with which this can be assembled. Thank you.
    P.s. Random question – any ideas how to make falafel (for a baby shower) when you don’t own a food processor.
    P.p.s. Your grandma’s begging made me snort out loud.

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