Nigel Slater’s Corn Fritters

I like corn.
We don’t eat a lot of it for ages, and then we go mental for it. Generally we go caveman on it soaked in butter and salt and pepper, but when I made these fritters I fancied corn in a different way. Different corn. I needed to freshen up my relationship with corn and didn’t want to get kinky with online adverts for threesomes or whatever.

Nigel Slater fondles his food in a slightly uncomfortable way but tends to manage to get a bit of delicious happening with the straightforward recipes. It was a gamble to make these for me as the boyfriend Doesn’t Do Egg unless in baking. I think it was prob too eggy for him but I thought they were delicious.

Also, they’re cooked in butter so that’s always a win.



2 heads of corn

salt and pepper

1 egg

1 heaped tablespoon of self raising flour


Using a sharp knife slice the kernels from the cob. I always find doing this particularly satisfying and have yet to figure out why.


Throw the kernels into a bowl and add seasoning, the egg yolk and the flour. Mix.

Whisk your egg whites till they reach soft peaks.


Mix the egg whites into the corn mix, gently, with a metal spoon.


Melt a good knob of butter in a frypan you trust, and glop a bit of the mix. I think this made a total of 6 good-sized fritters.

Let cook for 2-3 mins or so.


Flip and cook a little more.


I’ve been practicing how to be a good parent. I think I’m doing really, really well.

Anyway below is the finished product. We ate it with steak and greens. Was good.  Be nice over a salad with some saucy relish.

II must away. According to my diary today I’m up in the Perth hills despite, as I type this, standing barefoot in my London kitchen wearing a filthy apron and wondering where my passport is.



One thought on “Nigel Slater’s Corn Fritters

  1. narf77 says:

    Hopefully you are up in the Perth hills fully recovered from your trip. New human looks entirely absorbed in his amazing play gym thingo and that Coopers looks the bomb. I am wondering if it is warm in Perth. It’s been raining for 2 weeks solid here but that’s entirely our fault. We need to travel 50km with a queen sized bed mattress on the back of a trailer sans tarp and that’s just too good a chance for nature to miss out on ;). Have a blast in Perth. Give the Hay Street Mall a mental hug from me (I MISS YOU PERTH). Steve calls Perth his “Spiritual home” and loves the place to bits. Make sure to waft the New Human around in all of that Aussie air to ensure he grows up at least partly influenced by Aussie air and maybe he might bypass that pasty white look he is probably prone to having. Bet the dog is missing you both.

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