Zeke’s Pesto & Veg Pasta

So I am in the very fortunate position of having five nephews. They are all ace and all handsome and all smart and, most importantly, all funny.  Zeke is the youngest. He was the biggest, roundest, cheekiest baby I can remember knowing. I am a shit aunt because (i) I live thousands of miles away from them, (ii) I never send stuff for their birthdays or xmas on time, and (iii) actually no, that’s enough reasons why. I’m hoping to pay them back for being this shit by providing an ongoing accommodation option here in London for when they inevitably (and hopefully) start to explore the world after high school/uni. I will be Cool Aunt.

Meanwhile, Zeke has provided us with a blog to share with you all. It’s his pesto and veg pasta. Pesto made from scratch, people of the internet. When I was Zeke’s age I think I was pretty adept at making peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and chocolate rough slice, maybe. He’s far ahead of me.

NewHuman and I are off to Australia on Tuesday morning. I’ve been sorting some posts to upload whilst I’m away but that’s all utterly dependent on me getting my shit together and typing them up.  It’s like blog lotto. Wait and see if you get lucky…

Right. Gather:-

Basil –  big bunch
Garlic –  1 clove
Olive oil – few tablespoons
Toasted Pine nuts
Parmesan – couple tablespoons
Salt & pepper to taste
Sundried tomatoes – chopped
Chorizo – sliced
Mushroom – sliced
Pasta mini spirals


Toast your pine nuts. (Zeke hasn’t provided me with text for this bit but going by the pics he does it in the oven. I’m sure, were he doing the typing, he’d recommend you be very careful not to let them burn and go all bitter).


Stuff all the basil into a food processor. Go on.


Add olive oil.


Blitz the basil toasted pine nuts and Parmesan with the garlic and the olive oil or uses a mortar n pestle!


Hey presto there’s ya pesto!


Slice up your chorizo and sundried tomatoes.


Check on your pesto.


Put the water on to boil the pasta and slice and cook ya veggies and then throw in the chorizo cook for a few mins


Some serious water boiling and veg cooking going on here.


Add the good stuff.

When pasta is ready stir it through the cooked veg and chorizo then dollop the pesto on the top serve with some additional pine nuts and a basil sprig!
Zeke thinks this is pretty tops and he’s right!




3 thoughts on “Zeke’s Pesto & Veg Pasta

  1. narf77 says:

    Holy CRAP that child is tall! They grow them big in Perth don’t they?!!! Either that or his parents are midgets and had to get a custom made stove close to the ground. Either way he has a promising future career as a chef by the look of it as the results of his efforts are delish!

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