A Way With Sea Bass

The boyfriend gets home every night. He requires feeding every night. Today he was fed sea bass. I went out today to get mussels but as I’m an idiot I didn’t know that there was a mussel season and it doesn’t start again till November.  Far as I know you can get mussels at that weird restaurant, Belgo, every day of the year.

Anyway. Sea bass.


Catch two seabass. I recommend your local fishmonger.


Stick the oven on to preheat to 200C or so.

On a baking tray, lay out a sliced onion and some lemon slices, resting gently on some veg oil like wine on my soul.


Remember those sea bass?


Trim the gill bits, too. And the fins, if your local fishmonger hasn’t already.
Rinse, under the tap, to get rid of any remaining blood and signs of struggle.


Make some slices in the flesh on both sides. Not down to the bone, mind.

Fill the cavity with dill and lemon, and, not pictured here, a squish or two of butter.  If you like you can squish some more butter into the sliced bits of flesh.

Season, both sides.


Lay the fish down, reverentially, on the oven tray.

Into the oven for about 30 mins.


Haven’t seen the dog seem this pissed off for a long time. She is wearing the cone of shame for several more days yet, and is also not allowed off the lead. I fear for her mental health and, going by this hate-face, for my own personal safety.


Whilst the fish is cooking get out the cucumber and potato salads you’d prepared earlier, for you are domestic queen.

You could also, as I did whilst waiting for the fish to cook, bring in the washing, feed the dog, send an email and do some washing up.

Serve. Eat.  Some white wine is nice with this. We ate it whilst watching Nigel Slater make meringues. It didn’t make me want meringues.


7 thoughts on “A Way With Sea Bass

  1. Great recipe and a good laugh too .Couldn’t ask for better thanks.

  2. narf77 says:

    Back from the brink of insanity where “creative thinking and writing” was a shameless lure into the world of marketting…shame on our lecturer! Back now to…fish? Oh well, guess fish is better than some of the other things in my RSS Feed Reader that are a little overripe after a month of being left to their own devices. Glad the fish worked for you. We tend to fillet it, put it on baking paper with the lemon, herbs and lots of butter and chilli and whack it in the oven. I, too, don’t want meringues. Poor dog…licks from the boys

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