Choc Butterscotch Chip and Oatmeal Cookies


Britain has been baking. Averagely. In hot weather, natch, and averagely because all the winter months are spent longing for the hot weather, then it arrives and the native Brits realise their island is not built for heat, and after 2 consecutive days of warm forecasts the weather presenters already preface their info with, ‘And I’m sorry to say it’s looking like another warm one’.

I’ve been bloody loving it, even if it means sleeping in boiled bedrooms at 27C during the night, something I’d never do in Australia. Also, I’ve been able to dress NewHuman as a proper Aussie; that is, he’s been wearing nothing but nappies and, occasionally, a Bonds singlet. Perfection.

I do miss Twinpoles, though (specific Western Australian cultural reference there, icypole fans).

Right. Please note the below:-


Discovered in a shop called Outsider Tart in the posh reaches of West London. It delivers brownies of quite good quality, hilarious coffee (I once went in and ordered an iced latte and was given a nice hot latte with rapidly melting ice blocks in it), and a plethora of American goods.  Most of them seem to contain corn syrup.  We got the above in the interests of average baking, not realising at time of purchase that they retailed in the region of £6 each. OW.

Today I’ve put the butterscotch chips to work. The open packet smells rankly of decay, but the boyfriend assures me they taste better than they smell. I’ve added oatmeal/rolled oats to this made-up recipe in an attempt to give it some texture beyond that of cooked sugar. Vague success.


Preheat your oven to 190C or so.  Have a couple of lined baking trays ready to go.


3/4 cup plain flour

half teaspoon baking powder

half teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1 cup rolled oats  (I used porridge oats so they were a bit broken up, ie: not in whole rolled oat form)

3/4 cup light brown sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla paste (or essence, whichever. Whatever)

1 egg

125g butter.  I think. I forgot to measure it.  About half a 250g packet, or close enough.  Softened, please.

Choc chips – I used about half a cup of dark choc in a lame attempt to balance out the butterscotch mentalness.

Butterscotch chips.  Do feel free to substitute these or just leave them out altogether.


Cream the butter and sugar till fluffy.  I’ve been forced to use my new beaters.  £14 they cost.  Bout the same as those two packets of chop chips, actually.  Anyway, I want my old beaters back. I can’t have them.  They are dead dead dead.

Life’s hard.

After the sugar and butter is creamy add the egg and vanilla and beat some more.  It won’t look as much like sick as I’d imagined.

Add the dry stuff (excluding the chips) and stir through.

Now you can stir the chips through.  Go on.


Kind of looks like frozen sick.

Tastes better.


Stick loaded dessertspoons on a lined baking tray and stick into the oven for about 10-12 minutes.

So although I was fairly confident the dog would cope well with NewHuman obviously there was no real knowing until they met.


I swear this was not a set up. I LOVE MY DOG.

Not so much when she’s refusing to move from my spot on the sofa, but when she does shit like this, then yes, she’s aces.

And now I have a gardening question. Please see below.


That little conifer on the far left? It got bought, repotted, fed and watered same as all the others.  It’s also been suitably ignored when it comes to conifer haircutting.  Anyway it’s dying.  Dying deadly.  The others are fine.  Is it done for, properly, do you think?  Shall I chuck it?  Mulch it?  Wail disappointedly at it?

Take your cookies out of the oven after you’re done reviewing your sad, dying garden plants.  Let them settle a bit on the tray (they will emerge somewhat puffed up and slowly flatten).  Transfer to a cooling rack.  Eat.

Like I thought, too sweet.  To the boyfriend’s office they will go, joining the ranks of all the too-sweet stuff and too-burnt stuff (oh, ShitOven, how shit you were).



8 thoughts on “Choc Butterscotch Chip and Oatmeal Cookies

  1. narf77 says:

    We can get twinpoles here in Tasmania so it obviously is a sub-state of W.A.! (It may as well be…there are enough of us here to start one! 😉 ). Yank chocolate is uber sweet. Even the bittersweet stuff is too sweet for me. Always a good start when “rank decay” is the very first thing that you think when you open the packet…hopefully it isn’t all downhill from there! ;). I note you got the BF to test them first…very wise when you have a new-human half Aussie to look out for…the BF is the lowest in the chain of links (he has done his bit now 😉 ). That paw on newhuman tells me all I need to know about dog. She just claimed him so he will always be safe with her :). Does that conifer get enough sun? How moist is the soil? It could be suffering from some sort of fungal disease or it might be suffering from a nutrient deficiency, root girdled or pot bound? If you could take a closer shot of it, it would be a lot easier to get a feel for what might be wrong with it…it’s sort of like allowing your doctor to stand in the next room from you and saying “knock yourself out doc!” in the inspection process ;). The dog can eat butterscotch bits…just sayin’ 😉

    • b-kom says:

      It gets enough sun, I’m careful not to over-water it, it’s definitely not pot-bound. Weird as the other 3 who moved in at the same time are all fine. I’ll give it some loving, see how we get on!

      • narf77 says:

        Move it around a bit and check for signs that something might be living in it (check the trunk/stem for holes). Try dosing it with a bit of Thrive or the equivalent plant food and see if it doesn’t pick up. If that doesn’t work, take a photo to your local nursery and make them earn their keep 😉

      • b-kom says:

        I shall do – thank you!

  2. K.Bud says:

    OK first things first – great blog – if it makes me laugh out loud then it is a winner.

    Now onto the big issues – heat waves. I must say that we are laughing our asses off here in Oz about the alleged ‘heat wave’ in London. I do recall a time last January or February where there were a couple of weeks of days over 35 degrees (most of these were over 40).

    My most favourite day was when it was 45 and I almost branded my ass with the seat belt clip in the car following a visit to the supermarket (yes it was Coles and yes Coles is an evil cult). I could’ve baked a pizza in the car that day and perhaps I should have because buggered if I was going to be cooking anything in my kitchen that night…..yes, my BF is lucky to have me 😛

    Finally, American chocolate should come with a warning label. It is truly a crime against humanity and begs the question: if it smells like shite and tastes like shite, should it be really called ‘chocolate’…? Hmmmm. Conundrum.

    Happy baking and congratulations on New Human.

    • b-kom says:

      Yes, I’m loving the ‘heatwave’ commentary too, specially when they talk about people having to go home when it hits 30C inside. I used to go to school in WA in 40C+ temps and no-one thought a thing of it.

      Ah Coles, I love a visit whenever I’m home.

  3. I am the least green fingered person there is, but I have one gardening tip to offer (my one and only). When cooking rice, give it a quick rinse before hand, swirl it around to get all the lovely starch out, and then feed your starchy water to the plants. They love it.

    I’m not sure if it will revive your conifer, but I’d say it’s worth a try as it doesn’t look dead yet. I have a couple plants definitely more on their way out than yours.

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