Double Choc Vanilla Biscuits


You’ll be unsurprised to hear I’ve been moaning about the British weather again, but even the Brits are moaning it’s that bad.  12C today, high, in mid-May. I had my finger hovering over the central heating button this morning.  Mid-May.  Winter coat on when walking the dog at the park.  Mid-May.  I think someone/thing, somewhere, heard my cries as instead of the forecast rain this afternoon we’ve had about 90 mins of sunshine, happily coinciding with me finishing off some work and sitting in the park.  Again.  With the dog.  No winter coat this time.  Just a blazer. And scarf. And socks.  And long trousers.

Either way, it’s not due to improve at all this next week in terms of greyness, although there are weak forecasts of warmer temperatures.  WE SHALL SEE.  In the meantime, the boyfriend (quite fairly, I guess, considering I’ve been a regular weather-bitch for nigh on 18 months now, although that’s totally not my fault) will have to sigh patiently as he agrees with me that the weather is shit.

Made the below cookies last weekend. Are good.  Recipe is one adapted from the below cookbook which I found on the shelf, didn’t know I owned, after I decided to try to make more use of the books.  They just sit there watching me look at recipes online, with the accusing stairs of the elderly left abandoned by their families in grim nursing homes.


Quite a handy book of recipes, in the end.  I’ll definitely revisit.


I got together:-

75g/3oz butter, softened a bit but not melty

175g/6oz muscovado or light brown sugar

1 egg (recommend medium – I used a small one, needed to add a dash of water at the end)

150g/5oz self raising flour

2 tablespoons good cocoa powder

big splash of vanilla essence

50g almonds, chopped (pre-chopped ones for lazy bastards like me are the best)

100g good quality choc chips


Pre-heat your oven to Gas Mark 4 or 180C.

You’re supposed to cream the  butter and sugar together till soft and light and creamy and stuff. My butter wasn’t soft enough so I got it to the above stage, got jack of the mess the handbeaters were making, and just added the egg.  That worked fine.

Add the rest of the ingredients.  Go on.  Commit.

If your egg was small you may need to add a (tiny) dash of water to loosen things up a bit, but essentially you want a dough like that displayed below:-


Very sticky.  Might I recommend you cut in the almonds and choc chips (or whatever you are adding) with a metal spoon, right at the end?


So, do.


Roll out into balls, kind of flatten a little with your hand. This dough was stickier than the attentions of an unwanted suitor at a Sunday session, so I wet my hands a little as I went.  It helped.  This did result in the finished biscuit being a bit maybe higher and firmer than intended, so if you want try just dropping a dessertspoon of the mix onto the tray and see how you get on.

Lay them on a tray, leaving some space, using some baking paper to line the tray.

Into the oven with them, for about 8-10 mins or so.


Study of Dog Wearing Blanket #1

Rightyo – below are the finished product.  Freaking delicious. Don’t over-cook.

Substitute the nuts for your own faves, the choc chips for whatever colour you like best.


3 thoughts on “Double Choc Vanilla Biscuits

  1. narf77 says:

    Holy f*ck I am in love! I need those biscuits and it is only 6.40am here in Tassie. Forget that it has rained solid for 3 days and I am doing the happy dance because the garden might just show signs of turning green again…these biscuits are PERFECT for me to bake today to eat huddled over the PC whilst Steve and I are being passive agressive over who uses the mouse while we study. I think you just saved our marriage singlehandedly…how much do I owe you?

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