Sour Cream Brownies (with leftover Easter eggs)



We’ve spent this morning at the giant Westfield nearby, purchasing such fun things as underpants, belts and jeans for the boyfriend and food for us both.  There is now washing on, the dishwasher is running, I’ve got some ribs on to marinate and the boyfriend is making coleslaw to go with it.  The Giro wotsit Italia is on the telly so we are also kind of exercising as we go.  Kind of.

The new decking is almost complete and I’ll be sure to include a proud photo in my next post.  I’m surprisingly energised by being able to grow stuff again this year. Def getting older.

Anyway.  Made these brownies earlier this week, both cause I fancied it, cause I had some sour cream to use up, and to feed the decking dude (best to keep the tradies sweet, eh).  They were frigging amazing, mostly cause I fucked up and took them out of the oven slightly too early.  An excellent way to fuck up, if you’re making brownies.

It’s raining and sunny but with a long weekend promising actual sunny weather, London is a mostly pleasant place to be at the moment.  I do enjoy the pointless optimism fair weather brings us here in Britland.  Pointless because, come October, it’s a dark and endless place to exist.

Speaking of, it’s 12 years to the day since I landed in London, fresh-faced and unsullied, for a couple of years of work and travel.  Am still here.


You’ll want, as this is a fairly bog-standard brownie recipe:-

200g or so of chocolate, broken up.  Darker is better for brownies, so go as good as you can

125g butter, chopped up a bit

1 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1/2 cup plain flour

1/4 cup self raising flour

2 good tablespoons of cocoa (as usual the best cocoa you can manage)

1/2 a cup, or slightly more if you fancy it, of sour cream or creme fraiche

some extra choc bits if you like, bout 100g

nuts of your choosing.  I went with almonds, and used about half a cup


I was going to use some old Xmas present choc the boyfriend had been keeping in the cupboard, forgotten about, but then remembered we had some leftover hazelnut praline mini eggs from the recent Rome trip, so figured might as well give them a run.

There used to be these kinds of eggs at home in Oz, at Easter time, called Noggys I think.  Bloody LOVED them.  Haven’t seen them for years.


In a saucepan throw the chocolate and butter and melt together over a low heat.  Turn them out into a bigger bowl, using a spatula to get every last scrape out.

In the interests of science I tried a (quite lot) of this to see if the hazelnut flavour came through.  It totally did in the melted chocolate/butter mix but I don’t reckon I could tell much of a difference in the finished brownie.

Anyway add to the choc mix, in the big bowl, your sugar, stir through, and the two eggs, mixing well.

Add the flours and cocoa, then the sour cream.



Then your nuts and chocolate.

As usual I’ve forgotten to tell you to preheat your oven to about 160C and to grease and line a pan.  I used a 21cm square cake tin.  They ended up quite thick brownies but, as previously referenced, properly excellently gooey.

God I wish we’d not run out of these.  I totally want one now.


Smooth the mix out into your greased receptacle of choice and throw into the oven for around 40 mins.  I use a wooden skewer to test, and a bit of wobble as well.  Basically you want no wobble but some kind of echo of it in the middle, and you want a not-wet-but-definitely-moist-bits-on-it result on the skewer.  I then turn off the oven, crack the door a little and leave it in there for another 15 mins or so.


Dog has no manners in bed.  She gives all the goods away for free, as you can see.  No class.

Take your brownies out after the resting time, let them cool completely in the tin, then turn out and slice into whatever size you fancy.

Eat.  It’ll gack up your gums in the absolute best way possible.  It would probably be well tasty with a dollop of creme fraiche on top, actually.  I didn’t bother.


2 thoughts on “Sour Cream Brownies (with leftover Easter eggs)

  1. narf77 says:

    12 years? Methinks you are a masochist girl! Those brownies must have been good. You have the dog playing dead for them. Earl now begs for Anzac biscuits but it took him a fair while before he would put one in his mouth to try it. He is naturally suspicious of what goes into his mouth…that would be why he has the slim muscular build of a prize fighter…Bezial, on the other hand, puts EVERYTHING into his mouth and that would be why he has the build of Marlon Brando…you had chocolate easter eggs left over? I think 12 years might be a bit too long girl…might be time to coerce the B.F. to warmer climes…there are plenty of Italians over here (especially in Freo) to make him feel at home and imagine the long endless summers? This summer has only just stopped tapping on the door and we are in Tassie! All of that was a vain attempt to make you jealous…because “I WANT ONE OF THOSE BROWNIES!” sigh…

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