Making the Best of Leftovers – Beef Hash

So I went to the butcher last week to get some nice beef to roast and have with potato salad and rocket and tomato and red onion and stuff, to feed a good friend who was coming over for lunch.  I did the whole, ‘what’s nice to roast and eat cold’ thing to the nice butcher.  He recommended a rump roast which he’d roll up nicely for me.  I nodded.  I added a couple of oxtail bones for the dog and a pot of red pepper chutney and he, all cheery, said, ‘that’ll be £47 please’.  Holy shitballs.  Obviously I was too embarrassed to say, ‘oh sweet Jesus I’ve made a terrible mistake!’ so handed over the money and scuttled home.

The lunch was delicious, the meat amazing, as you’d hope, and the dog appeared a bit grateful for the gift of some oxtail. You’d never know for sure with her, she might’ve just had wind.

Even after a further supper of more meat and salad we still had a massive hunk of rump leftover and I was damned if I was going to feel guilty about the spend for much longer so had to figure out a way to use the bastard up.  I’ve never made hash, I know people who know food quite like it, so I thought I’d have a go.  Found a few recipes online and just sort of mushed them up together to produce the below.

Was very tasty.  Very.  I’d bloody well hope so, with cow that expensive in it.


You’ll want:-

Chunk of leftover beef, enough to feed however many you’re feeding, cubed

Potatoes, probably at least a couple of cups, cubed

Fresh herb – I chose thyme – a couple of teaspoons

Cayenne – I couldn’t find mine in my frankly out-of-control spice cupboard, so used mild chilli powder instead. Was fine.  I used about a teaspoon.

Nutmeg, to grate, a good half-teaspoon at least


A brown onoin

Couple garlic cloves

Some double cream, although really single would be fine – half a cup

Some kind of vegetable oil, canola or sunflower

Knob of butter


If your potatoes are already cooked then cube.  Mine weren’t, so I had to boil and then cube.   Whilst they were cooking I chopped up the beef, thyme, onion and got the garlic ready to mince.


In a biggish frypan throw the potatoes and mix with the oil (couple tablespoons, probably) and butter, over a goodish heat, till they start to brown.  I took them to a bit past the above photo in terms of brown-ness.  Took maybe ten mins?

Add the onion and cook for another 6-8 mins, till they begin to get properly soft.


Add the meat, herb, chilli or cayenne and a healthy grate of nutmeg,  along with the garlic, and cook off some more.  You want to start getting some crisp edges going, yes?


Add bout half a cup of cream and continue to cook.  Kind of pat the whole mess down and let cook for 2-3 mins, then flip and do the same again.  I think we probably took this off 5 or so mins too early – could’ve done with some more crisping.  I’d ideally spent somewhere around 10 mins crisping and flipping.

Check for seasoning – it’ll need it.

Eat.  I believe traditionally you’d pop a fried egg of some kind on top of this whole shebang, but I fancied something a bit cleaner with it so went with a basic cucumber, onion and tomato salad.  So health.

Suprisingly tasty.  Boyfriend had leftovers for breakfast the next day.  Bit full on, I believe.

Anyway not one arsing piece of that expensive meat went to waste.  WIN.



2 thoughts on “Making the Best of Leftovers – Beef Hash

  1. narf77 says:

    You were sent to buy a cow girl…you came back with beans! Sigh… I guess you are going to have to live on beans for the next week now ;). At least it would have tasted amazing and impressed the friend no end and with that, and this lovely looking hash thrown in at least you can salvage a modicum of happiness back…oh…and the dog…she can be the clincher 😉

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