Baked Camembert. Not for the Dieting.

We ate this for supper the very same night I made those brownies, posted earlier (which were just finished off today, which were freaking brilliant, and which have been a source of joy in these endless Narnia-wintered days). It was a Fat Day. I’ve had a few salads since (obv salads full of bacon and boiled eggs and stuff, I’m not stupid) to make up for it.

Anyway, baked cheese. Just think of it as posh cheese on toast. Is yum.


Get your cheese of choice – Camembert or Brie, ideally.
Herb – I used rosemary
1 clove of garlic
Half a capsicum
3 or so rashers of bacon
Half a red onion
Olive oil

Stick your oven on at about 210C or so.


Carefully slice off the very top rind of the cheese and stick it back in its box (if it came in one). Wedge in some herb sprigs and the clove of garlic, chopped roughly into 5 or so chunks. Dribble with olive oil and season. Chuck on an oven tray and stick in the oven with a voila.


Whilst its bubbling away for the next ten mins or so, cook your bacon rashers in a fry pan, having sliced first, and slice your onion and capsicum.


Take the bacon out, and replace with the onion. Soften a bit in the bacon fat (mmmmmm bacon fat), add the capsicum, and then the bacon. Should take bout 5 mins.


Your cheese should look a bit like the above by now. Remove from the oven, and pick off the herbs and garlic chunks. It’ll smell good. You’ve done a good thing.


We went with a rather prosaic bread choice. It was a last minute supper decision, it was all we had. It was perfectly good, actually. Whatever bread-based choices you make, you’ll want to pile the bacon/onion/capsicum mix on top of the cheese.


Lush. You’ll need a spoon. And some kind of indigestion remedy.

Below is the dog, begging. As she does. I believe she was rewarded for her persistence with a piece of dry toast.



One thought on “Baked Camembert. Not for the Dieting.

  1. narf77 says:

    Your dog is perfecting Stink-eye to a “T”…you didn’t really “like” those Italian leather shoes did you? I recently bought a cookbook that shares how to make a vegan version of camembert…I am a bit suspicious of it to be honest and am not sure whether I am going to try making it…I don’t think the book has a vegan bacon (and tofu and tempeh bacon don’t cut the mustard!) so I think this recipe might just be out of the ballpark for me 😉

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