Chocolate & Bourbon Brownies

I bloody love bourbon. It was my drink of choice for YEARS until I could get my palate to agree with wine a little more easily. Now I love wine a lot, but whenever I go back to bourbon I find my happy place.

I bloody love chocolate, too. And I love slices. These three things triangulate to make this delicious alchemy, chocolate bourbon brownies.

My face when I haven’t had bourbon (sadly this has been the case in recent times):


And my face when bourbon is present:


Somewhat manic, I admit, but clearly happier. (apologies for the hunched-back selfie there but things got tricky propping up the iPad and so on….).



This is an old Guardian recipe, I believe originally with pecans. I used no pecans, for no pecans are to be had in my house. Anyway, I fancied the unsullied flavours of booze and cocoa.

Get together:

200g dark chocolate (I used 70% nice stuff)

125g butter

2 eggs

125g plain flour

125g light brown sugar

100g caster sugar

1 tablespoon of cocoa

75ml bourbon

2 teaspoons or so of good vanilla extract

I’d say you could substitute the booze for milk if you fancied just a nice, rich brownie. If you wanted to add nuts of your choosing, use bout 120g or so, chopped.


Melt the butter and chocolate together in a saucepan, over a low heat.


Line a 20cm by 20cm pan whilst the stuff is melting. Keep an eye on the saucepan though – don’t let it boil or get too hot or split or anything. It’ll all be ruined if you’re not careful.


Beat the eggs and both sugars together for a couple of minutes. The sugars will begin to dissolve and the whole thing will get pleasingly fluffy.


Then add the melted chocolate and butter mix, hopefully cooled a little. Beat together.


Add your bourbon of choice. I like the classic JD. Also add the vanilla and beat well. It’ll stink of booze. You may like this, you may not.

I like it.

You’re supposed to twice-sift the cocoa and flour, then add. I don’t bother – I just beat it very well with the electric beater. Seems to work fine.


Pour into your tin, then into a preheated 170C or so oven (is that Gas Mark 3 or 4?…). Should take 25-30 mins. I like to take it out when there are still moist-ish mix crumbs on the skewer. Nothing worse than a dry brownie.


Go sit by the dog, on the sofa, whilst it bakes. Your boyfriend is upstairs having a bath. He’s mad for baths. I don’t get it. Baths are gross.

Anyway, watch the dog as she sleeps, like a perve.

Take the brownies out when done, let cool a bit before turning out of the tin, slice and devour.

Get massively fat and die happy.



6 thoughts on “Chocolate & Bourbon Brownies

  1. Morgn says:

    We really do have the same face.

  2. Morgan says:

    I’ve managed to spell my own name wrong there. That’s a new one.

  3. narf77 says:

    Pecans are easily swapped with the good old English Walnut. I adore pecans and wanted to grow some here on Serendipity Farm but I don’t think the climate is right here for them. It’s right for pistachios but I can’t source any here in Tassie (bollocks to quarantine laws! 😦 ). Am I the only one that thinks that drinking that melted chocolate and butter would be a good idea or is 5.06am the cause? ;). I gotta get me one of those hand mixers. I have a big stand mixer that is too heavy for me to get down myself (don’t ask me why its “up”…”I said DON’T ASK”! 😉 ) and I am too bolshie to ask Steve to retrieve it for me on a regular basis so its wooden spoons to the fore for me and they don’t give me the lush amalgamated results that I see here…looks like I know what my daughters can get me for mother’s day…(one can get me the mixer and the other one can get me the bourbon! 😉 ).
    “Go sit by the dog, on the sofa, whilst it bakes…” one hopes you are talking about the brownie baking and not the dog?! It would look like the dog has been in the bourbon…God help me if Earl ever develops a taste for bourbon! It’s hard enough to keep him off the kitchen table stone cold sober…
    “Get massively fat and die happy” a finer epitath for one’s grave I have never heard! Here HERE! 🙂

    • b-kom says:

      I am sure melted butter and chocolate are a recognised breakfast food somewhere in the world!

      I can heartily recommend the old electric hand beaters. Ace for heaps of stuff…

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