Raspberry & Coconut Slice


I made this on the very same day I made the afore-posted cake. I couldn’t help myself.

Not used the oven since, mind.

Along with the also afore-posted Chocolate Coconut Rough Slice stuff, this slice is the stuff of Aussie childhoods, torn from the pages of the Australian Women’s Weekly.  There may well be a UK version, I’ve no clue.  Either way, I made this a lot when young, and may make it a lot from hereon in.  It’s bloody delicious.  Sweet as, mind you.  Rot your teeth, although that won’t concern the British.


I’m bloody exhausted this week.  Boyfriend and I usually congratulate ourselves on achieving somewhere between 1 and 1.5 total household jobs per weekend.  This one just gone we managed about 4, and yesterday completed another one or two.  It’s unnatural.  I’m having to eat a second breakfast of leftover slice in order to recover from the madness.


Ingredients are varied, and should include:

90g butter, softened
110g caster sugar
1 egg
35g self-raising flour
100g plain flour
1 tbsp custard powder (you’ll note the custard powder above – it’s a West Australian legend, I am never without it, importing it from home. Is the BEST)
220g raspberry jam  (I didn’t measure this, I just used a big tablespoon and used about 2/3 of a jar)

Coconut topping
160g desiccated coconut
55g caster sugar (didn’t use, had run out, so used light brown instead.  Was fine)
2 eggs, beaten lightly

Pre-heat your functional oven to 180C (or maybe 160C if fan forced)…and then line a slice tin, I suppose 20cm x 30cm or a bit smaller, with lovely greasy butter and baking paper.

Beat butter, sugar and egg with your mixer/beater/arm until light and fluffy.  As usual  I don’t go mad on this, I kind of beat it up for a minute or so with the electric beaters, making sure all the butter is combined and not leaving little refrigerated lumps in the whole thing.


Stir in the sifted flours and the custard powder.  It’ll look dry and as if it’s never going to combine.  Don’t believe it.  Tis false prophecy.  Will eventually clump together to form a dryish dough, as demonstrated above.  I just used the spatula to kind of cut the flour into the mix, and it got there in the end.


Spread the mix out into your lined slice tin.

I’ve lost my favourite slice tin. Despite not using ShitOven to store baking trays and the like in, the only explanation is that ShitOven exacted a final act of revenge and took favourite slice tin with it to whatever hell it is currently occupying.  Bastard.

Anyway as you can see above I kind of adapted NewOven’s grill tray with the handy help of a biggish grater.  Worked ok.

Once you’ve spread your mix out then ladle on the raspberry jam.


In a new bowl combine all the topping ingredients.  They’ll also take a minute or so to come together, but it will happen if you BELIEVE.

It’s kind of like a coconut crumble, I guess.

Anyway, do it.  Should look like the above.


Use your fingers to sprinkle the coconut topping on top of everything else.  Don’t press it in, just let it lay quietly on top, like when you get home too drunk to bother changing out of your clothes.

Stick it in the oven, should take about 40 minutes.


I am rather impressed at the level of stinkeye the dog achieved here. I had the cheek to tell her to wait whilst I sorted out the blanket. She was not impressed.  She is SUCH a bitch.

I’m getting her back this week, as she’s booked in for a dew claw operation at the vet’s this Thursday.  Yeah.  That’ll learn her.

*worried face*


Take your slice out of the oven and let it cool completely in the tin.  Don’t try to pick up the grater with your bare hands.  It’ll be hot.

Slice, eat, enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Raspberry & Coconut Slice

  1. narf77 says:

    I grew up on that custard powder brand ;). Mum’s famous (the local baker bought them off her to sell) custard slices were all made with it :). There is always a price to pay…looks like Shit Oven did, indeed, take your slice tin :(. Stinkeye is obviously a worldwide phenomenon. Earl has it down perfectly. I stopped him from destroying our bed yesterday when it was MORE than obvious that he was tenderising it to make a comfortable spot for himself…I got the steroidal version of stinkeye…”uber stinkeye” from Earl as he dropped off the side of the bed and slinked away to whatever nefarious place he inhabits when fostering his plans for revenge that he exacts by heading outside when we are both asleep and then returning to jump on my stomach when we have settled back into the land of nod. 33kg of Earl on your solar plexis is enough revenge for 1 day apparently…although I must have REALLY pissed him off yesterday because he did it 3 times last night!
    That slice is the stuff of memories and if you switch the coconut for ground almonds (Steve, the ex-pat, doesn’t like coconut…) you get something almost as good :).

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