Lamb Balls (with Harissa and cumin)

Made these last night. Bloody delicious.

Get some lamb mince, think I had about 300g. Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of Harissa, a good half teaspoon of ground cumin, salt and pepper, half a cup of breadcrumbs and one egg.

Mix, innit.

Form into small, ping-pong sized slightly flattened balls and shallow fry in oil with a little butter, turning after 2-3 mins. (free tip: if you form the balls with wet hands the meat won’t stick to you).

Eat warm with bread and hummus and olives and tomato and red onion salad and tabbouleh, if you can get your hands on some nice stuff.

They’re probably fine cold but none survived long enough for us to find out.



2 thoughts on “Lamb Balls (with Harissa and cumin)

  1. narf77 says:

    Short but by the look of it, sweet! Is “new oven” in yet? You are eating like you just hit an Aussie mid summer so you are either in denial or its warming up a bit over there. Would you like one of my friend in W.A’s forcaste 41C days in the near future? She tried to palm one off onto me but I think 27C is bad enough for Tasmania…so I said I would ask around ;).

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