Steamed Syrup Pudding

It’s been a while since I did anything that was strictly baking, not since the shortbread, I think. Obviously the cause is ShitOven’s demise. I often wonder where it is, now, and whether it’s suffering in this endless sleety winter.

I bloody don’t, I’m thankful for its absence every day.

The man came to install NewOven on Friday. As soon as he laid eyes on NewOven, as seen below….


…he shook his head and went, ‘Oh no, sorry, can’t do that for you today.’

As you can imagine, I was stoked. Apparently NewOven runs on 15 megashittingwatts or something, and most normal house circuits are under 13 bloodyweaklingmegawatts. If we connected NewOven to the mains as-is, it’d likely fry the circuits to a nice donut crispness.

Anyway he’s hopefully coming back some time soon (boyfriend is in charge of organising this and knows that it is Very Important Indeed that this occurs ASAP) and it’ll take half a day and a fierce £250-300 to sort, rendering our deliberately mid-range priced oven somewhat expensive.

It’s hard to bake without an oven and I wasn’t yet ready to submit to the heady lows of microwave baking, so in the absence of literally any other ideas I’ve steamed you a pudding. Nice, too, it is, with the Golden Syrup flavour reminiscent of the burnt damper we’d eat at various school camps in lieu of being fed actual food. I’m pretty sure the teachers were fed properly.

Right. Moving on. The recipe is from the Guardian website so just google that if you’d prefer it to my version.


150g SR flour
150g soft brown sugar
150g butter, softened
2 eggs (supposedly pre-beaten but I didn’t bother)
Some milk
Pinch of salt.
Golden Syrup, the recipe recommends 6 tablespoons but that looked like a metric shitload to me so I went with 3 tablespoons instead. I am the Oracle.


Grease your pudding bowl with some extra butter. I only have this bowl, it’s a bit big but I figured it’d work ok.

Add your Golden Syrup to the bottom in whatever way you fancy.


If you dip your spoon in very hot water before spooning the syrup, it’ll not stick to everything, or the spoon, or your face or whatever.


Cream the butter, sugar and a pinch of salt till looking lighter and fluffier. I probably did this for about three minutes with an electric handbeater.

Add the eggs one at a time. It’ll look like sick after you’ve done so.


Fold in the flour. It’ll look dry. It is dry.

You then need to add the milk in LITTLE AMOUNTS VERY SMALL AMOUNTS till it gets to what is known as dropping consistency. You can also image search google for dropping consistency if you want to see what it looks like. I ended up using between half to 3/4 of a cup, I’d say.


This is my attempt to photograph it for you. It’s a shit photo. Just look for the batter to not be dribbling off the spoon, for the mix to still be quite stiff but when held up on the spoon it kind of reluctantly drops off, like kids being shoved through a school gate at the start of term.


Spoon the mix into the pudding bowl and kind of smooth over the top.


Get a sheet of grease proof and a matching sheet of foil, pleat the middle and tie around the top of the bowl with some string. Trim the edges.

I trust that you’ve by now worked out you need a big (bigger than the pudding bowl), lidded pot on the boil, with water level just up the sides of the pudding bowl but not over.


Tie some more string around the bottom so you’ve got a kind of handle, makes life heaps easier when it comes to taking the bastardy thing in and out. If you don’t do this you are guaranteed some steam burns.


Place the pudding in the boiling water, check the water level all the way though to make sure you’ve enough to keep things steaming. Should take 1.5-2 hours – a clear pyrex bowl is handy here, as you can tell what stage the whole thing is at.

Remove when done, take off the lid and loosen around the edges with a knife. Turn over onto a plate and serve. Eat with custard made from powder – none of that fancy creme anglais with this stuff, no way chum.

Two pics below – the whole thing, and served up.


It’s mush. Delicious mush.

You could get away with just 2 tablespoons of Golden Syrup, you know.



7 thoughts on “Steamed Syrup Pudding

  1. narf77 says:

    We had the same problem with Brunhilda…She ended up costing us the price of a small family sedan by the time we finished coughing up for the plumber to install our water jacket and an extra $2500 unbudgeted for when we were told that the hot water system that we were told we needed (and priced in the package) wasn’t going to be good enough…sigh…AND we were told it would be installed in May and it wasn’t installed till the end of August (but only AFTER we had ripped out our perfectly good wood fired heater to make way for her and had to spend the winter huddled in front of a 2 burner gas heater…mutter…mutter…) as you can see…these memories take a lot of time to disipate! The teachers get catering…the kids get what they are given, “absolutely NOTHING wrong with newspaper scraps children, they will be the making of you!” ;).
    To stop the sick look you can add a couple of tablespoons of the flour mix you are adding later with each egg…it tends to stop the curdling 🙂
    I like the stringy thingo…howjoodooit?!!! We need a tutorial! I broke a boiling hot bowl once (and had steamed pudding all over the floor in the process) because of a lack of clever inovative stringy thingos.
    Delicious mush has sold me on this pud. I am saving the recipe till the weather cools down, the grass stops looking like paper shards and we feel like eating anything other than salad. Cheers for this June’s go-to pud recipe 🙂

    • b-kom says:

      Don’t tell anyone but I secretly like the baby-sick stage, it’s the weird alchemy of adding the flour and all of a sudden you get something you want to eat….

      Oven is due to be installed this week – we shall see!

      • narf77 says:

        Mum was a “fast cook” and told me “don’t worry about the curdling, it doesn’t matter!” but when I went to cooking school and curdled my first cake I got the equivalent of a wooden spoon on my knuckles! I must admit to not caring if it curdles or not ;). I can’t wait to see your shiny new oven! You MUST give it a good name now as shit oven is living in the tip plotting its revenge, you had best have an oven in shining metal armour to protect you! 🙂

      • b-kom says:

        So far it’s ‘NewOven’ … pretty imaginative, eh?

      • narf77 says:

        Yup…threw yourself completely into that one eh? 😉

  2. Riley says:

    this is without a doubt the best recipe I’ve ever read. ever. “looked like a metric shitload”-had me in stitches! thanks for the laughs oh and for the recipe of course!

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