Making Cabbage Interesting

Last night I made it to the butcher’s just before it closed, but not before they’d put all the delicious meaty flesh in the big fridge for overnight.  I actually went in for pork ribs but they had none.  That was a fun bit of info to pass onto the boyfriend who is a fiend for such things.  In a panic, and not wanting the nice Aussie butcher to have to wear his fetching hairnet for any longer than necessary, I asked him for 6 of his best sausages (fnar), grabbed some potatoes and ran from the building back out into the more comforting wind and rain.

I didn’t feel like mash and sausages.  Boyfriend reminded me we had a cabbage in the fridge, leftover from good vegetable intentions last week.  Cabbage it was, but cabbage come good.  Boiled cabbage smells like farts and tastes not much better, but when you treat it nicely it becomes your quite good friend.

It can make YOU farty, of course, although this lot didn’t.  A mystery….


Get some pancetta or similar.  Bacon.  Smoked.  Chopped.  Whatever.  Something porky.  Obviously miss this step if meat isn’t your thing.


In a biggish frypan, fry it till golden.


Get yourself a cabbage.  This is a Savoy, you might like something different.


Whilst the pancetta stuff is frying, slice your cabbage in a way that pleases you.  Something fine-ish would be good.


Gather about 200ml or so of not-too-strong vegetable stock (else it all get a little salty) and some white wine vinegar.


When the pancetta is at requisite golden-ness, add a capful of vinegar, throw in the cabbage and add most of the stock.  Cook.


For this type of cabbage it’ll take about 10 mins or so.  The stock should mostly boil off but leave a nice flavour.  If you want more, add more.

Look ok, innit.

Taste for done-ness and/or seasoning.


Eat with whatever you want.  We went with toad in the hole, at the boyfriend’s request.  I am an AMAZING girlfriend.

We’ve been imagining what the dog might say were she gifted the power of speech.  Below is an example.



3 thoughts on “Making Cabbage Interesting

  1. narf77 says:

    Our local butcher is in Exeter and is called “Nige”. There is something automatically comforting and reassuring about discovering that your butcher and one of your favourite chef’s have the same name and our Nige is most definately a keeper. His snags have won golden gongs Australia wide and he is off to Perth to try to snare another gold in the snag show. I had heard about the pie show but not the snag. Last year he won with his truffled snags and some Thai curry chook snags that Steve swore tasted just like laksa. Nothing is too hard for our Nige…we rock up cap in hand for dog bones (he knows I am vegan 😉 could be a good advertising ploy…”even the vegans can’t stay away from Nigels gourmet butcher on Tamar!”…) or his home made chorizo and salami for Steve’s addiction (home made calzone) or one of his luxury chook packs with the ubiquitous “Gibney’s Gold”…we have the honour of living just around the corner from the one and only Rebecca Gibney of “Packed to the rafters” fame and she frequented Nige’s meaty establishment as well. The Gibney’s gold is a cross between a chicken kiev and one of those stuffed ham and cheese numbers using camembert and other luxury things. No frosty reception as nothing is too hard for Nige and he just hired a nice young surfer to help him (added pull for the young birds in a state with 4 women to every man…nothing like a bit of “alright” to bring in extra business 😉 ).
    Cabbage is gorgeous when you throw it into a frypan (after chopping it finely) that you have melted some butter and simmered some garlic in. Wilt it, add a little bit of good stock and let it simmer till just tender YUM! I love fresh sweet cabbage raw and eat leaves as I prepare spring rolls etc. Steve has gone from a cabbage HATER to a cabbage lover and all it took was butter and black pepper 😉
    They must have invented anti-farty cabbage…our dogs tend to get extremely flatulent after Steve has eaten cabbage the night before…a most interesting phenomena and something that someone might want to do a scientific thesis on one day…
    I love savoy cabbage and apparently it has more nutrients than our smooth jobby that we get here. I will be planting out savoy this year…more pockets of vege to catch sauce in :). Er… I don’t want to alarm you or anything but you appear to have picked up a rather large caterpiller on your cabbage! I can see it eyeballing me as I type! Might want to check them first to make sure that they are sans the “lesser spotted red headed caterpillar” before you pay ;).
    Glad to see that Ground almonds and shredded suet have the same measurement…always good to know and we can’t get sugar rice here in Australia :(. DAMN living in the antipodes! Ahhh! The vinegar neutralises the farty smell! Clever girl ;)…good attempt at youfspeak by the way…”Look ok, innit”…your sister will be proud 🙂
    Our dogs are able to manipulate our minds…we are able to understand their mental manipulations completely BUT they still haven’t gained the ability to make our limbs move and direct us to the treat box with the eventuality of liberating the stiff meaty sticks within…that won’t stop Bezial trying though! The day that I am able to commune with Earl in a meaningful conversation is the day that Steve has to ship me off to G-Ward in town…Earls brain is obviously a terrifying place. Anything that can be trotting along happily and then suddenly feel the need to hurl itself upside down in the long grass and roll in a most alarming way and scrape itself on the bitumen with a look of bliss on it’s face…then get up and INSTANTLY hurl itself into the dog equivalent of the Indie 500 thus over exciting the other dog and resulting in a 100metre human pull (humans are apparently easier than tractors to pull…DAMN my recent weight loss!) and then suddenly start walking normally again is twisted in an alarming way and no place for humans to dwell! Your dog is giving you “evil’s”…good luck with those Italian leather shoes…good luck when you accidentally leave the rubbish bin lid off… good luck when you come home and see what she has done to your duvet! “Touche dog!”…Dog 1…red headed one eyed caterpillar nil!

    • b-kom says:

      Some of those sausages sound extremely exotic!

      • narf77 says:

        Apparently Nige prides himself on his snags but he is an all round great bloke and his meat is of a really high quality and as we don’t buy much meat it’s nice to get the good stuff :). Steve loves Nigels snags but he says he STILL hasn’t found a pork sausage like he used to eat in the U.K. 😉

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