Stuffed Capsicums. Or Peppers. Whichever.

We had some leftover peppers in the fridge that, in this era of economic downturn, I was guiltily keen to make use of. The people sitting behind me on the bus home had a fun 10 mins watching me google endless combinations of this post’s title, to no avail. I decided to make up my own. It’s got cumin and paprika and chilli and suchlike in it, so is a bit tasty.

If you’re veggie or vegan, substitute the meats for your favourite non-meat stuff.

We’re off to the New Forest with friends this weekend so this is your weekly post. Save it for Saturday, if you want.


You’ll want to gather:

Capsicums – at least one whole (two halves) per person
1 onion, medium and brown
About 15cm length of chorizo, I used picante
2 chicken breasts
Ground ginger
Fresh chilli


Halve the peppers, scoop out the seeds and white stuff but leave the green stem as it’ll stop the filling spilling out. You don’t have to eat the green bit, obv. I mean, you totally can. I wouldn’t….


Chop your onions more or less finely, same with the chilli – I used about half a red one, including seeds.

Finely chop the chorizo.

Slice up your chicken into smallish chunks.

You are now prepped. Congratulations.


Oh, no you’re not, not entirely. Cook your rice, about 1 cup or so uncooked. Drain when cooked, rinse and leave till you need it. Obv this rice-cooking palaver can be going on whilst you chopped up your other ingredients.


Stick your capsicums in a roasting tray, slightly oiled, and shove them into a moderate oven for about 10-15 mins.

While they’re gently starting the slow descent into deathly tenderness, fry off your chorizo over a healthy heat till it starts to brown, then turn the heat down and add the chilli and onion.

Add a splosh of olive oil, cook off for a few minutes till the onion starts to soften, then add about half a teaspoon each of ground ginger and maybe slightly less of turmeric, a level teaspoon of paprika and a good big teaspoon of ground cumin. Cook it off a little while, and you’ll find the oils and juices all taken up by the spices.


Turn the heat up a bit again, chuck in the chicken pieces and cook till about 2/3 done.


Add the rice, stir through till combined and pleasingly coloured. Check for seasoning. I added some at this point.


Turn the oven up to moderately hot, pull your peppers out, and stuff with the filling. You’ll have too much filling for 6 halves but that’s ok cause you can have it for leftovers, like I will be, tonight.

Put a little grated cheddar over the top and chuck back into the oven for another 10-15 mins, till warm and cheesy-brown.


While you’re waiting for them to be done, feed the dog some leftover sausage from the other night. Note how she sits, hovering slightly above the frigid slate tiles. Fair dos. The other night we ate sausages with oven chips, ably cooked by the boyfriend who, god knows how, managed to have the oven chips in ShitOven for upwards of 45 minutes, after which they were still golden and not remotely burnt. We are still talking about that miracle.

Anyway, the whole thing should be ready now. Serve with some sliced spring onion on top. Think about why it looks a slightly lonely meal, whilst also being pleased at how tasty it is.



5 thoughts on “Stuffed Capsicums. Or Peppers. Whichever.

  1. narf77 says:

    I have a couple of “special” blogs that I read more for the entertainments sake than the actual blog content. One is “23 thorns” an HILARIOUS African mans blog that doubles me up and that I hoard like chocolate to read and the other is yours. I see a new post in my rss feed read and it makes me smile… I have shared you around shamelessly with my blogging mates and they all love your blog as well. You are a perfect example of a quintessential Aussie sheila…wherever we get plonked down in the world has to adapt to us because we sure as HELL aren’t going to adapt to it! We are Aussies…and that’s the way we are going to stay :)…O.K. lets see what the girl has rustled up today…
    Lol! Quintessential Aussie sheila alright “If you’re veggie or vegan, substitute the meats for your favourite non-meat stuff.” (why bother telling them what to put in their capsicum if they are crazy enough not to eat meat eh? Bollocks…they can bloody well throw anything in that they like and bugger them…they can work out what 😉 ). I love it! No fussing and scouring the net for hours looking for the perfect vegetarian/vegan alternative because lets be honest (and this blog is ALWAYS honest) they are most probably going to stuff what they want in there anyway! ;). My personal choice would be grated veggies…lots and lots of them…all different colours to make a lovely confetti filling (another thing about vego’s…they tend to be annoying and make suggestions in posts so you really don’t have to worry about it as they are going to do your work for you… 😉 )
    I choose to read it again on Saturday and pretend that I haven’t read it before. Well done on par cooking your capsicums before you stuff them. I HATE it when people just stuff them raw and you end up with a half cooked capsicum container that is almost inedible! Your recipe certainly looks tasty enough. I have capsicum growing in my veggie garden and I might even give this recipe a waltz around the kitchen to see if it can dance. How well behaved your dog is! I might have to send Earl and Bezial over to learn from her…incidentally…those sausages would have been hoovered up by now if either of them were present :(. Shit oven is obviously a misogynist. It has respect for the boyfriend and sneers at your efforts. Time to get that broom out and give it the thrashing that it deserves! By the way…oven chips are radioactive and thus unable to be burned in any oven let alone shit ovens :). I am definately going to make these! They look delicious…you remain quintessentially Aussie AND you can cook. What more could a blog reader want? Bugger all thats what 🙂 Have a great time away and please give that good dog a pat on the head from Tasmania…I am just about to get my early morning slobbering as Earl is on his first venture out the dog door (I don’t ask…best not to ask what he is up to…) and Bezial has taken up residence by my feet (“someone has to look after the crazy old broad!) till 7 when I wake Steve up :). Have a fantastic day doing whatever it is that you do.

    • b-kom says:

      Oh you are too, too kind, what a lovely thing to say!

      I am not really the best person to suggest things as I am not au fait enough with veggie/vegan substitutes – as you say, safer to leave it up to you lot I reckon.

      Dog is only marginally well behaved, responding to three commands – sit, shake hands and, the most useful of all, wait! We use wait! a lot. Like, heaps.

      Let me know how it goes if you test this out – I’d be keen to hear. Grated veggies sounds v nice, actually, and heaps easier than finely chopping them all.

      Happy Australia Day!

      • narf77 says:

        grating is the lazy Aussies way of dealing with veggies (and a need to pack something with something else 😉 ). Your dog has 3 commands! Ours have 1 “Stop dragging me into the sea…BAD DOG…I can’t swim Earl…I am drowning! Do you REALLY need to swim out to that small island with me water skiing behind you!…sigh…” thats the command but they don’t pay attention to it so we have 2 American Staffies that are lovely boys and that adore people and other dogs (active slobbering maniacs) BUT as soon as they get outside the front gate their ear drums become inactive and they can no longer hear ANYTHING that is said (for “said” read “screamed”…) at them. They are off and running and bugger the poor sod dragging along behind them…Steve is alright but Earl (my short straw drawer) and I have a slightly more edgy relationship on “walks”…he drags as hard as he can (strong muscles in that neck Earl…all down to me…your fat anchor! 😉 ) and I drag behind. It makes for good exercise and a very comical vision for passers by. I do my bit to entertain the locals ;). When we dare to take them to the city (Launceston) it’s like letting the outback farm boys go to the pub…it’s going to end in tears and they are most certainly going to be yours! ;). Earl needs to pee on EVERY SINGLE THING “mine… mine… OOO mine…” and Bezial saunters around till he finds the busiest road to suddenly veer out in front of a truck to test Steve’s mettle (and his muscles… Bezial weighs 40kg and is low slung…sigh…) so as you can see I can only sit here in wonderment at the wonderful table manners of your dog. I bet she doesn’t dislocate your arm on a regular basis? “Wonderment”!

  2. Nessa says:

    I just found your blog this morning. I love it. Great normal cooking!! Funny too and your dog is so lovely too. Thank you for this.

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