Harissa Chicken Sticks with Cheaty Tzaziki

I think it was after watching Yotam Ottolenghi’s recent foray into tellybox presenting that I remembered about harissa. It’s good stuff, made mostly of chillis. I found a jar of it in the interesting bit of Sainsburys over the weekend (during that always-depressing first grocery shop post-holiday), a rose Harissa, so went utterly NUTS and bought it.

Figured it’d go nicely with some chicken, some easy tzaziki and some tomato and red onion salady type stuff to up the veg quotient. Probably work ok with lamb as well. I’ve no idea.

London is as grey as it’s possible to be. No more to be said other than tomorrow I return to work after a full month and at this stage I can’t see what good shall come of it.



Harissa, of your choosing (you can make your own, based on what I saw Ottolenghi do, if you’re a high achiever)

Meat, of your choosing, just make it organic/happy as you can afford


Yoghurt – plain, Greek would be best but in a misguided attempt at Health I went for 0% normal yoghurt. Don’t do that unless you feel you really must.




Lemon juice, I used 1.5 lemon’s worth


Red onion

White wine vinegar

Flat bread, whichever you like. I went for the closest thing to mountain bread I could find


Cut the meat up into skewer-friendly chunks. Mix through a heaped dessert spoon of harissa paste and let it sit a while to consider its fate.


Finely chop (or grate, if you fancy it) your washed and seeded cucumber.


Add to a couple pots of the yoghurt, along with lemon juice and a really generous pinch of salt. Stir. Taste. Grimace. Add more salt. Sometimes it’s nice to add some minced garlic too, but I couldn’t be arsed this time. Let it sit. Stir through some finely chopped mint leaves.


It’s been a while since we had a picture of the dog licking something clean. Plain yoghurt isn’t her favourite but she suffers through it for our sake.


Stick your harissa-d meat onto skewers – about five pieces or so should make a good serve. You can, if BBQ-ing, soak the skewers first so they don’t burn. I wasn’t, so didn’t. I grilled. I love a grill. Anyway, stick them under the grill, turning every 5 mins or so. Shouldn’t take longer than twenty minutes.


I then diced some little tomatoes and finely sliced half a red onion, seasoned and added a capful of white wine vinegar. Well class.


The skewers won’t be done yet, so contemplate your feet, dressed in the boyfriend’s plank-like slippers. They are very comfortable. He’ll be snoozing on the sofa. Jetlag is a killer. Dog will also be snoozing by this stage, she has no excuse.

Put your flatbread in some foil and into an oven to warm through.


Cooked stuff! A little char on the edges is aces, I promise, makes it well yum.


Eat, hunched over the coffee table, to aid reflux. Fall asleep in front of the newest Attenborough.



8 thoughts on “Harissa Chicken Sticks with Cheaty Tzaziki

  1. fourstar says:

    Looks lovely, I am a big harissa fan, but wife less so – how spicy do they come out?

    Also, which breads are those? Definitely prefer oblong to round 🙂

    Welcome back.

    • b-kom says:

      A – I believe the v exotic Warburtons made them. Didn’t have time to head to Wholefoods or Pure & Natural to seek out proper square mountain breads….the Harissa def had heat but I wasn’t mean with the amount so you could thin with oil. Or add oil to some Ras-el Hanout which gives the middle Eastern thing without the heat?

  2. narf77 says:

    Your foray into Harissa reminds me of my foray into adjika yesterday. I decided to find out what it was (initially) as I saw it in one of my rss feed reader cooking blogs in a recipe. After isolating it down to something Russian and spicy and saucy and vegetably it seemed to be something that I might like and so I decided to hunt down a recipe. The problem with hunting down recipes for Russian foodstuffs is that they tend to be in Russian so I spent the better part of an hour whacking goodness knows what into Google Translate and laughing hysterically at the results. I did get a page of almost readable recipes for this wonderful stuff and it led me on to get some recipes for homemade ajvar as well so come the revolution I will at least have enough of these amazing sauce/spreads to go round! I have every man and his dog from the U.K. asking me why I haven’t made any Yotam Ottolenghi recipes yet “as an honest to goodness vegetarian…”. I get the feeling that he is pretty big over there at the moment? Looks like I might be checking him out at the local library ASAP. Sour cream containers are the bare minimum that our boys will stoop to licking out…
    Post holiday depression is an endemic thing girl…you will soon slither your way back into life in the U.K. it’s hard to prize the Aussie out of you when you need to re-engage with the U.K. winter but you left just in time…it starting to heat up disgustingly, we are getting fires all over the place and by the time this comment hits your inbox everything will be tinderbox dry, the grass will be blowing away and you will need sunglasses just to walk out to get the mail…it isn’t all beer and skittles …we drank all the beer…only skittles and they aren’t the same without a few cans under your belt :(. Cuddle the dog…she will make everything better 🙂

    • b-kom says:

      I shall seek out adjika – sounds interesting! Yes the Tassie fires aren’t good, stay safe you all, and dogs….

      I have my holiday freckles (a bit extreme) so I shall remain in touch with the homeland that way!

      • narf77 says:

        😉 I can always send you Earl to give you a good Aussie lick and he smells like Australia at the moment (needs a good bath if I can catch and coral the little bugger!) so it might remind you of home and your dog will LOVE him 😉

      • b-kom says:

        Oh I would love that, if only it were easy…

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