The Rest of 2012

We went North, driving on long, red, straight roads neighboured by endless termite mounds.


In the land of on-shore coral reefs we went fishing for Xmas lunch. Bad day for the fish, good day for me. Thank you, big man goldband snapper, you were bloody delicious…


Santa came in on traditional jet ski.


We breakfasted every morning, cheering the view:


And hung out with Nelson, the resident bungarra who gratefully chomped down on leftover BBQ foods.


Then, sadly and with melancholy faces flew south again, but with this view as consolation:


Compared and contrasted the remaining days. There was a clear winner.


Finally got back to rainy, cold London. Boo. But to this face. Yay!


And remembered the precious gift I sourced for my personal trainer. I think he’ll be stoked. See below.

Have an aces 2013!

I’ll be back with some actual cooking soon, I promise, once I’m over this deep seasonal affective disorder triggered by my return.



One thought on “The Rest of 2012

  1. narf77 says:

    I remember visiting the U.K. over Christmas 2005 and to save room in our overstuffed cases we wore ALL of our coats back on the plane…from 0F to 36C was a bit of a culture shock and coats were hurled off as we walked from the plane back to our stored car…we went in reverse to your journey. To make yourself feel better (aside from that GORGEOUS happy dog face that is 🙂 ) imagine poor Hobart today…from 24C to 38C in a single day thanks to that cyclone coming down the Queensland coast…there are worse things than a bit of snow! Glad you had a ball and that you got home safely and see you when you are feeling up to life back in the U.K. again after your Aussie sojourn 🙂

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