Cheap Chinese 5-Spice Chicken Bits





Short post.

Sunday’s supper was some cheap chicken pieces (happy chicken, of course, being all free range prior to a violent end) – legs and thighs – marinated and then baked in a mush of tasty stuff.

In a little blender throw together a big glug of oil.   Probably two glugs.  I used olive oil but on reflection a nice, tasteless vegetable or groundnut oil would’ve been better.  Then a whole dried chilli, including seeds.  Four spring onions, cleaned and roughly chopped.  Three cloves of garlic.  Salt.  And, now, about a dessertspoon of Chinese Five Spice.
Whazz it up nicely but leave a bit of texture.  You don’t want a fine paste or anything.  Fine pastes aren’t good for much, really, unless you’re wallpapering.


In a big roasting pan (or not a big pan if you don’t plan on roasting veg with it) make sure the chook is nicely covered with the mush.  Let sit, outside the fridge, for half an hour or so.  Turn on the oven to pre-heat to about 180-200C.


The above photo is of a local beach back home in Australia, where I’m from, taken on not a particularly hot or sunny day BUT IT STILL LOOKS BLOODY ACES.  The reason I was going through the Oz pics whilst the oven was heating/chicken was marinating, was cause in a couple of weeks we are off there for Xmas and I cannot wait.  Mostly I cannot wait because we’ve had something like 18 months of utterly dire weather here in the UK and some guaranteed sunshine seems like a pot of gold at the moment.

I’ve lined up some brilliant guest posters for when I’m away, fear not.

Anyway, chuck the chicken in the oven and cook for half an hour.  Throw in veg at the same time (we par-boiled the potatoes and carrots).

Enjoy.  It’s Really Quite Nice.



3 thoughts on “Cheap Chinese 5-Spice Chicken Bits

  1. narf77 says:

    Isn’t it funny how all mainland Aussie beaches look amazing? We have shit beaches here in Tasmania (aside from wineglass bay that is that makes up for all of the rest of them) all covered in pebbles like the beaches in the U.K. Where I come from in W.A. the beaches are pristine and white and go forever. I don’t miss the heat of W.A. but I really do miss the beaches :). You have more than guarenteed sunshine this year…you have drought stressed heat ridden extended summer mainland scorching apparently. We will be pretty dry here in Tassie too which will probably render most of the native population hospitalised once the temperature gets above 25C. I hope you have an amazing Christmas. Poor Steve was saying yesterday when we were watching the plethora of promised (rehashed year after year) celebrity chef Christmas re-runs that he doesn’t know if it will EVER feel like Christmas here in Australia to him. I grew up with it…so hot at about 5am you are tempted to get up with the kids who are ripping the paper off their Christmas prezzies and go for a swim. Forget hot lunch, everyone just has a massive table groaning with salads and massive prawns and crayfish and goes nuts till their shirt buttons pop and they have to have a lay down…then its back for nana’s Christmas cake. The kids are outside playing with what they got for Christmas and you get to lay in front of the television on Boxing Day and watch the cricket (or NOT 😉 ). It’s so laid back and we have the option of so much more space to do it all in but I do get what he is saying. The Christmas that we spent in the U.K. back in 2006 was absolutely magic 🙂

    • b-kom says:

      We are Xmassing at Coral Bay on the Ningaloo Reef- do you know it? It’s amazing. Cannot wait…..

      • narf77 says:

        HA! My cousin Mark used to own the Coral Bay resort! He sold it and lives in Geraldton now. It’s apparently amazing up there and my dad used to rave about it when he would head over there to visit. Have an absolute ball and go fishing and swiming to your hearts content. Should be a cracker at Christmas time…and if you are looking for heat…you certainly won’t be short of a few “C’s” 😉

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