Savoury Fried Rice




So I had some leftover roast chicken, about a quarter (breast and wing) and I fancied making some fried rice with it.  If you’re veggie or vegan, just replace with your fave kind of tofu or meat replacement, or indeed with just a truckload more veg.

Unfortunately there has been no change in my idiot status since I made the previously posted cake, so I kind of forgot to take pics as I was going along.  You’ll have to make do with just 2, and one of the dog.


These three bottles of good stuff are your best friend when it comes to making things taste good.

Cook up some rice and rinse well under the tap so the grains are all nicely separated.  Leave to drain.

Chop whatever veg you want to use.  I used:-

Couple cloves of minced garlic

4 spring onions

some pak choi leaves

half a red capsicum

baby corn

sugar snap peas

shredded chook breast

very finely sliced pancetta or bacon

Sauces, as per above photo

In a nice hot wok or big frying pan pour a good tablespoon of veg oil, and add some sesame oil if you have it.  Careful with that sesame oil, it’s well strong.  Throw in the pancetta to brown off a little, then add about a tablespoon of soy, dessertspoon of fish sauce and three big gloopy globs of sweet chilli sauce.  Let that bubble away on the heat for a minute then throw in your harder veg (so for me that was corn, capsicum, the onion-y bits of the spring onion) and cook for 2-3 mins.

Then add your softer veg, meat or tofu or whatever, and rice, and stir through thoroughly and with a little pace please, else the rice gest clingy and starst to love the sides of the wok a little inappropriately.

Taste for flavour – I added some more soy and glooped in a generous amount more of sweet chilli sauce.  And I believe I used a squeeze of lime, for I am refined that way.

You could add some chopped coriander too, if you liked.

If you’re an egg-friendly household, lightly beat an egg then chuck in, stirring through all the while, and you should get those little eggy lumps in there as well.


It’s really very tasty.  I’ve some leftover for supper tonight and am actively looking forward to it.  I am, however, a massive guts so food is always good.

Below is a pic of the dog whilst in her youth.  It makes me awwww.  If it doesn’t make you awww you’re a very bad person.



3 thoughts on “Savoury Fried Rice

  1. narf77 says:

    Pimping the dog as eye candy is taking camera laziness to a new level! Not that I have EVER resorted to getting poor long suffering Steve to “just run out and take some photos…what do you mean “what of…” just ANYTHING!”…at the 11th hour while I am maniacally pounding away at the keyboard because I forgot to organise something to post about. I would add oyster sauce to that hallowed selection of sauces. I have been immersing myself in Gok Cooks Chinese and aside from realising that I am rapidly becomeing a Fag Hag (love Love LOVE Nige Slater…) I have a new respect for our Chinese section of our cupboard because it has been Gok approved.(Must go back and watch all of those large naked women being palpatated by Gok that I couldn’t stand last year…)
    We tend to make a thin solid omelette that we chop up to add to fried rice. Steve is the fried rice king. I can’t cook rice properly so he gets to make it and its amazing stuff when you can get that rice right :).
    We have “Nawwww” photos of Earl and Bezial just so we can justify the amount of footwear, plants, furniture and computer hardware that has gone through their digestive tracts. Those sweet little eyes…how tiny! You are lucky you bought a whippet…Amstaffs are all mouth and tend to test the world by tasting it :(.

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