Boozy Chocolate Mud Cake



Hello.  I realise it’s a bit of a stretch between posts at the moment.  I read somewhere you’re not supposed to tell your beloved blog readers how busy you are, but I’m afraid it’s been a bit on-the-go lately and I’ve not been doing a great deal of cooking.

Last weekend I made a very foolish decision to once more try a cake in ShitOven.  A cake that the boyfriend and I would have no chance of eating and one which wouldn’t travel well in his backpack on the cycle to work.  Am an idiot.  Happily we lunched with some friends on Sunday and the poor things were forced to take half of it home with them.

It’s delicious mudcake.  I got the recipe from an Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook, didn’t do the chilli cherries thing you’ll note below.  No cherries, innit, to be found.


You’ll need to gather:-

250g of butter (that’s right, 250g, this is not a cake for dieters)

200g of dark chocolate, I used 85% Green & Blacks

2 cups of caster sugar (I used 1.5 cups and it was plenty)

1 cup of milk

80ml of whisky or bourbon.  If I were you I’d have less milk and more bourbon.  We used Jack Daniels.

vanilla extract

1.5 cups of Plain flour (is that what is says in the photos?  I can’t make it out, I think that’s right)

2 eggs

whatever it says for Self Raising flour and cocoa – is it 1/4 for one and 1.3 for the other?


In a saucepan, throw in the chopped up butter, cracked up chocolate, vanilla, milk, booze and sugar and melt it all down into luxurious fattiness.


Initially it’ll go through that very common baby-sick stage lots of baking does.  Yum.


Then the butter will look like globules of lard floating in a surgeon’s bowl at a gastric band operation.  Keep going.


Mix through the flours and cocoa, sifting if you can be bothered, and then the eggs.  I used a whisk.  I like whisks.


Then pour into a greased and lined 22cm cake pan, springform if you have.


It’ll look like the above.  Nice.  Stick it in a pre-heated oven at 170C or so – I used gas mark 3.  I think the book recommends 150C if your oven is fan forced.

I put the pan inside a high sided roasting tin and fortified it with foil, in an attempt to prevent incineration by ShitOven.  You’ll see shortly how well that worked.


Earlier in the day we took a drive to and stroll through Wimbledon common.  It was cold, autumnal and not too busy.


Look at what ShitOven did.  Look upon the devastation.  Bastard oven.

I sliced around it and got rid of the worst of the burnt stuff.


I meant to make a ganache but put too much cream in for the amount of chocolate, because I am an idiot.  So I added some whipped cream and marscapone.  Tasted nice.


It’s like nothing ever happened, bad, to this cake, eh?

Below is a slice of it.  I tried to make a nice slice but dropped it, so here it is, broken.

Fuck’s sake.



7 thoughts on “Boozy Chocolate Mud Cake

  1. Morgan says:

    Also read the thing about not banging on about how busy you are. Fuck that. If I’m having a terrible time then I’m taking everyone else down with me.

  2. narf77 says:

    How could anything with 250g of butter and 200g of dark chocolate NOT taste amazing?! I realise that it only has 80ml of bourbon in it but if you were like me and had a couple of shots while you were cooking the cake at least you could blame your cake on your lack of conciousness rather than poor old shit oven. We have NO oven at the moment. Brunhilda is our winter oven and we use the covered bbq until we build our wood fired pizza/summer oven. It was supposed to be a temporary fix but we have been busy too and thus our summer will be spent cooking with gas. We burned an entire pan of chocolate gingerbread chilli brownies that were supposed to grease our lecturers palm (well in OUR minds they were 😉 ) but ended up having the black top scraped off and being turned into less than stellar rum balls. Must get used to our own shit oven alternative all over again as we have no alternative aside from a good old fashioned hangi.
    DID YOU SEE WOMBLES! I am SO envious! Earl and Bezial would find wombles 🙂
    I agree with Morgan about keeping quiet about being busy…thats my excuse and I am sticking with it! I might be reading Kurt Vonegut but that’s none of my readers damned business! As far as they are concerned I am flat out like a lizard drinking and they are bloody lucky to get ANY post out of me let alone the stellar effort that I put in to give them something entertaining and informative to read…I think I have developed my megalomaniacal tendancies nicely since I started blogging…still working on my Nepolianic tendancies but should have them right by Christmas 🙂

  3. JKHD says:

    I typed in google “a fucking good mud cake” to make for my 21st celebration today. Choice! Love the humor, the attitude towards baking. Top notch blog and recipe, I will have to read more of your banter about your ShitOven.

    Cheers! Jay

    • b-kom says:

      Cheers – and welcome! Ah ShitOven…..def worth reading in chronological order. Let me know how the cake turned out – and happy birthday!!

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