Linguine with Wild Mushrooms

Good morning.

I’m doing this post on the iPad so god knows how messed up it’ll be. Be warned.

Last night I made mushroom linguine. It is easily one of the most simple and nicest things I’ve made in ages. For these reasons, you should make it too.


Get yourself some mushrooms – I was lucky enough to get my hands on some fresh porcini, so added some portobello and chestnut. No girolles/chanterelles were to be found, although if they had been would’ve used those instead of the chestnuts.

A lemon is also needed along with some red chilli (I used fresh, I think next time I’ll used dried), parsley, about 25g of butter (lovely, lovely butter), requisite oil and linguine.

Oh, and garlic. I used 3 small cloves.


As I’m doing this on the iPad, the edit page doesn’t tell me what photo I’m commenting on. Most unhelpful. As far as I know I’m doing this in the right order but I think I’m doing things right a lot and never am.

Finely chop or mince the garlic, finely chop the chilli and throw into a frypan along with a good splash of olive oil and the butter.

Whilst this is all occurring you have of course put the salted pasta water on to boil.


When the pasta water is boiling, put the pasta in to cook.

Slice up the mushrooms, rather coarsely. I believe that somewhere here I’ve inserted a photo of the inside of a porcini. It’s aces.

Don’t wash or peel the mushies – just brush any dirt off them.


Sliced mushrooms! Throw them into the frypan too. Hopefully your pasta should be on its way by now. You only want to turn on the heat under the frypan when the pasta is about 4 mins away from al dente.


So do that. Turn on the heat under the frypan, mid-range gentle. Start turning the mushies through the butter, garlic and chilli.

Chop some parsley, halve the lemon and using a veg peeler get some nice shavings of Parmesan.


Yesterday was not a great day for the foster dog. He had his knackers out. He was a sleepy, stoned, knackerless lump when I got him home, poor chap. Still, he had apparently been romancing the vet who is now quite interested in adopting him, so fingers crossed.


Mushies will start to look like the above a couple of minutes in.

Add a good half lemon’s worth of juice and most of the parsley. Season and stir through.


It’ll look like this when done. Drain the linguine and add to the frypan, toss through. Check for lemon/seasoning, then eat with a sprinkle more parsley and the parmesan.

Took us an undignified 3 mins to scoff this, hunched over the coffee table in front of Modern Family. It really deserves a little more respect, this meal.

Must try harder.



5 thoughts on “Linguine with Wild Mushrooms

  1. narf77 says:

    I thought that the dog was hung over! Poor bugger…Earl will soon be in his place…laying on the sofa looking dejectedly at the floor with no reason left to live…at least he may be adopted by a vet…ADOPTED BY A VET! What a horrific ending for a knackerless dog! No checkup will be missed…no unhealthy food shall ever touch his poor genderless lips again and that smell that only happens in the vets (you know the one I mean…the sort of antiseptic smell that only vaguely covers the scent of terrified dogs…) is going to echo in his nose for the rest of his life! BUT on the flip side…he can lord it over all the other dogs and has good career opportunities as a racketeer with access to the vets drug cabinet. That tucker looks good. I love the mushies…the upright porcini looks like one of the characters in Botanicula, one of the strangest computer games I have ever played in my life. Ok, off to give Earl a pat while he still thinks I am aces 😉

    • b-kom says:

      adopted by the very vet who sliced off his knackers. the humanity….we shall see…

      • narf77 says:

        Humanity AND Irony…almost Machiavellian! Whatever it is I hope that he finds a lovely home, he reminds me of our youngest Earl. Similar face but Earl has a big fat head and your fellow is skinny malinky. Same sort of youthful frustrated looks… I guess it goes with the territory 🙂

  2. Aralosseien says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and you have the best way of making these recipes sound achievable, even by my lazy, non-cookery inclined self! So yesterday I made this for dinner and it was bloomin’ tasty. I needed more mushrooms and less lemon juice but that’s because I squeezed it all in at once rather than taste testing it during the lemonpocalypse…thanks for being the first new recipe I’ve tried cooking in over half a year 😀

    • b-kom says:

      That is exceptionally pleasing – am glad you had a bash – I don’t cook anything complicated, as you’ll have gathered by now, especially as ShitOven is so disabling.

      Hope you are inspired to try some other new stuff!

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