Recipe Test : Nigel Slater’s Steak, Tomato & Onion Supper Thingy


Last night I decided to try something I’d seen in the weekend’s Observer Food magazine.  A Nigel Slater thing.  Obviously I’d do it with a bit less of the strangely intimate fondling he undertakes when preparing food.

Picture below, of how it was represented in the magazine.  Quite nice, yes?


Obviously I didn’t stick religiously to the recipe but as the main ingredients were steak, tomatoes and onions it was hard to go too wrong.

I decided to add croutons and some vinaigrette.  Bit of sting, you know?  Bit of texture, yes?


Cook the steaks – Nigel recommends using some lovely butter for this, so I did.
Butter’s the shit.  I love it.  I used olive oil and butter.  Good to guarantee the heart attack, so you can plan a bit.


While the steaks are cooking to a doneness of your choosing, chop up some tomatoes.

Also chop up some onions.  Nige recommends giant spring onions or salad onions.  Whatever.  I used a nice boring brown onion.


Take the steaks out, let them rest a bit.  I then chopped up some croutons, from an old rapidly stale-ing loaf of ciabatte we’d bought on the weekend but failed to eat.  Fry them till crunchy in the buttery oily mix left by the now-cooked steaks.  When done, put on some kitchen towel to drain.


Throw in your onions and tomatoes.  Nige then recommends putting a lid on and cooking for ten minutes.

I did this, for I am occasionally obedient.


I made a Very Mustardy vinaigrette from the above ingredients, whilst the aforementioned cooking was going on.


I sliced the steak.

Pretty complex so far, eh?  I’m impressed.


The dogs will enjoy helping you to clean the steak plate.  The foster dog will, particularly, whilst your own dog is a bit cannier and will be scoping out the actual steak on the benchtop, unguarded.

Add the steak to the tomato and onion mix, and the vinaigrette.

Basically it’ll look nothing like Nige’s because ten minutes in a pan is too much for any tomato.  Am idiot.  Should’ve figured that out.  Add the croutons.

Essentially the mushed up tomatoes and vinaigrette will turn themselves into an almost unbearably umami gravy type thing.  The croutons will soak it all up.  Your lips will smack as you eat it.

It’ll look like the below.  It’s very tasty, totally lacks in crunch or green.  Next time I’ll save half the tomatoes and all the croutons for the last 2 mins of cooking.  Might make it look less of a car crash.



3 thoughts on “Recipe Test : Nigel Slater’s Steak, Tomato & Onion Supper Thingy

  1. ediblethings says:

    Thanks for this. The Big Guy was actually in the UK, but he managed to buy a paper with all the supplementy bits missing. At least now I can see one of the pictures, which are often missing from the online version.

  2. narf77 says:

    Nige is my hero. Butter and olive oil are the only choice. Real food for real people and there is no-one more real than good old Nige (food fondler for the masses). The only way you are going to have a heart attack from butter and olive oil is if you like to melt it and drink a glass with every meal. The alternative (the dreaded stiff chemicals in a plastic pot) will kill you much quicker and so I would rather dance with buttery olive oily danger than substitute with poison. It pays to be obedient with Nige…the results tend to be worth it :). Umami car crash from heaven. I wish all of my vegan car crashes would have that much flavour 😉

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