Sweet Potato & Chorizo Soup

I’ve some tragic news. ShitOven has broken.  Well, it’s a bit broken.  Obviously this has only heightened my already stratospheric disdain for it.  It seems to have lost its pilot light mojo, and just sadly clicks away, when switched on, like a lonely cricket at the wrong time of year.  Jiminy.

Of course this leads to exciting new NotShitOven opportunities, however all the ones I like are not cheap. Nothing I like is cheap. It’s a sad thing to live life this way.  I think, in the first instance, the boyfriend (who is not very DIY-y, neither am I although I am ACE at employing workmen and figuring out what I really want about a month after they’ve gone) will have a bash at relighting it this weekend.  If there is a bright light and a concentrated ‘WHOOSH’ over West London this weekend, bid us farewell and godspeed.

In the meantime it’s stove-top cooking, ahoy.

This soup is bloody good, even if I do say so myself.  It’s not ground breaking in terms of flavour combos and I’m sure every man, his dog and the six mice he’s unaware of living under the floorboards all have their own recipes for it, but I guarantee if you use mine you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re veggie or vegan, just drop the chorizo.  It’s an affectation anyway, considering the relatively small amount there is of it in there.  Oh and swap chicken stock for veggie.


I used:-

3 medium sizes sweet potatotes

1 big carrot

3 cloves garlic

2 white onions

1 litre of chicken stock (from a packet, OBVIOUSLY)

parsley (flat leaf, preferable)


Madras curry powder


bit of olive oil


Roughly slice the onions, peel and chop the sweet potato and carrot and chuck into a big saucepan with a good dollop of olive oil.

Add the chopped chorizo – above shows how much I used.  About half.  The other half will no doubt sit in the fridge with the other packet of now out-of-date chorizo.  It’s a bit like that in our fridge. We have a lot of delicious speck and pancetta we brought back from Italy, languishing in there.  Must do something with it.  Will freeze it.  Can I freeze it?


Moving right along, stick the pot on the stove.

Add a good teaspoon of the Madras curry powder and cook over a lowish-mediumish heat for around 8-10 minutes, till the veg are warmed through and the chorizo starts to leak its oils like the easy tears of a spoilt toddler.


It’ll look something like the above, if you’ve done it right.  Basically you want to soften the onion (don’t let it brown) and start the cooking process with all the other stuff.


Add 3/4 of your chicken stock, which I hope you’ve made with hot water.  Please make it with hot water otherwise pouring cold stock onto hot veg will mean you’re basically starting from scratch when it comes to cooking temperatures.  I am never sure whether I’m patronising you all with such simple advice but will continue to do so just in case it’s warranted.


Bring the whole mix to a simmer and let it cook through and down for a good ten minutes or so.  You might want to add the rest of the stock half-way through.  I did.

If you can mush the sweet potato and, most importantly, the carrot – using a fork – then you’re good to go.


Whazz the whole thing up with a blender – I use the handheld wotsit as it’s easy and I can do it straight in the saucepan.  If you’ve got a fancy hot-liquid blender thing, then use that.

You shouldn’t need any more liquid – the amount of stock leaves a nice consistency to this soup and if you’ve used the chorizo they will not whazz up to microscopic proportions but will swim about like tiny spots of savoury something that you kind of like and are kind of weirded out by.

Add a good handful of finely chopped parsley and taste for seasoning.  Probably won’t need salt, cause of the stock, but a good wrench or two of cracked black pepper will do no harm at all.

Serve, I recommend a bowl, with some spring onions. I was going to add sour cream to this as a final flourish but I forgot to buy any.  Eat with some toasted ciabatta.



7 thoughts on “Sweet Potato & Chorizo Soup

  1. Vegetarians might want to avoid the chicken stock also….

  2. ledge says:

    What happened to the garlic? Poor garlic, left sad and alone on the counter.

  3. narf77 says:

    You can freeze anything…it just might taste hideous after you thaw it is all ;). By the way…don’t believe ANYONE that tells you they have a foolproof way to freeze spuds…they are liars! Anything sweet potato and savoury is alright by me. Can’t abide those sweet things that the Americans do with it though…weird if you ask me! Come come girl…”eat with “some” toasted ciabatta?”…”eat with an ENTIRE ciabatta…toasted and slathered with good quality butter!”…only way to go. Soup is an experience NOT an appology :). I have been AWOL from my rss feed reader and I get back to 3 posts from you? I guess the ovenly demise of shit oven has spurred you on to creative genius? Must make this soup as I have a huge quantity of sweet potatoes hovering on the edge of madness (their edge…my madness…) much like your chorizo on the turn in the fridge. I have to say, old chorizo just shrivels up like my dad and gets stringy and concentrated (again, much like my dad!). Best you use that thing before you open your fridge up to see my dad sitting on the shelf glaring at you!

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