Chicken Parmigiana Oz-style

Hola.  Or Ciao, seeing as our departure to Italy is imminent (not gloating, merely practicing my advanced language skills).  In homage to Italia today you get a distinctly un-Italian version of Parmiagiana, as I remember eating it in Australia.  No actual parmesan in the thing, as it happens, although maybe on reflection there used to be some of that vomit-smelling dried parmesan powdery dust type stuff included in the breadcrumbs.  Either way, this is what the boyfriend would rightly but Italian-ly disparage as a blot on the Italian food landscape.

He helped cooked it, though, and ate a bloody large portion so I believe that’s 1:0 to Australia.

As I type this he’s having an early afternoon bath and I’m sat on the sofa with a towel on my head, having spent the morning packing and walking the dog in various pleasant locations.  We ate this dish last week, I think, when it was still cooler weather and not the lovely sunshine we’ve been having. We just took the dog to the local park again and it’s full of oiled bodies.  You can tell the non-brits, they tend to use a lot of oil and have better bodies.

Ahoy!  Chicken!


You want:

As many chicken breasts as there are people to feed

Some breadcrumbs – we made ours out of some old ciabatta

Egg, for wash

Plain flour, for flouring

Passata, about 1.5 cups for 2 people

Cheddar (or some other more sophisticated cheese)

Oil, olive of course but also some vegetable

Pinch sugar

Same of salt

Balsamic vinegar


I wazzed up the bread with some seasoning in the blender thingy till coarse but properly crumbed.  If you want to use pre-bought I’d recommend Panko or similar, rather than very fine breadcrumbs.


Lay out your crumbs on a plate, your beaten egg in a bowl, and your flour in another bowl.  Far me it from me to dictate the order but if you don’t go Flour-Egg-Breadcrumb you’re going to suffer.


Remove the skin from your organically free-range chicken breast (I’m assuming) and then kind of slice in half.  I think this is called butterflying – demonstrated above is the original version, still quite chicken-breasty, and the sliced version, sort of butterfly-y.  Basically slice into the breast as if you’re dividing it in half through the width, but don’t go all the way.


Throw over a piece of clingwrap, imagine that creepy Science teacher who taught you in Year 10 and bash away.  I find a rolling pin useful.  You don’t have to make these all specially thin but you do want to reduce the thickness somewhat and even out the meat.


Then pat it gently in the flour, covering it, dunk into the egg, making sure it’s all egged up, and then get it covered in breadcrumbs.  See above.  It’s quite straightforward.  Most of you should manage.


Whilst I was getting on with the high tech chicken prep, the boyfriend was making the sauce.  He bunged some passata in a saucepan, added some minced garlic gloves, a splash of balsamic and a pinch of salt and sugar, with some olive oil, had it on a low simmer till it reduced and itensified a bit.

I’m sure this is very authentically Italian, as he is half Italian.


Heat up a good half and inch or so of the veg oil in a frypan, over a medium heat (not too mental) and then fry off the chicken.  You’ve essentially made chicken schnitzel here. If you’re feeling more German than Italian then stop here, serve with pickled cabbage and some lager in a vast stein.

Cooking should be about 3-4 mins each side at most, taking care not to burn.  The chicken, I mean.  You’l totally get spat at by the angry hot oil.


Under a grill, spoon out some of the tomato sauce onto the chicken.


Lay hands on the cheddar, and lay the cheddar on top of everything else.  Shove under the grill till it’s all bubbling.


It’ll look a bit like the above.  Not at all health.


It’s bloody delicious.  I believe we decided to eschew vegetables, eating it on its own.  Well class.

Below are a couple of photos from this morning.  The dog is in one, and I am proud of the boke in the other, so you’re getting that one for free.

See you either from or after Italy.





3 thoughts on “Chicken Parmigiana Oz-style

  1. narf77 says:

    Good old parmies…in one of our local pubs, they offered chicken parmies from all over the world! Can you believe it? Greece got olives tossed on top and feta, Italy got…a normal parmie, Australia got a bloody bit of pineapple on top (WTF?!), They even put a bit of bacon on for the U.K. you have to love the good old pub parmie! Your boyfriend looks like he has been taking lessons from my daughters in how to decorate a stainless steel cooktop with as much of what you are cooking as you possibly can. How is it, that I can cook pasta sauce, soup, anything really without big splodges of the contents of my vat emerging to paint the stove and husband and daughters are incapable of cooking without mess?! My theory is that I am the one that cleans around here so the lack of having to clean up your mess gives you a freedom to create chaos that you would otherwise eschew with a vengeance! Remember… It’s Italy you are going to girl…give it the old Aussie try and eat for queen and country! If you feel yourself flagging at any point in the equation, get that big strong half Italian boyfriend of yours to take over! You are living my bucket list item and I am counting on you to do it with style, finess and utter gluttony. You have immunity from the diet police for as long as your feet are touching Italian soil. I will fight them off with a stick so go nuts and knock yourself out! 🙂

    • b-kom says:

      Mmmm not sure about those pub Parmies…! The cooktop chaos? I think your theory may be right….and Glutton Permission noted and shall be taken full advantage of – thank you!!

  2. ediblethings says:

    I was totally expecting something disgusting in that last picture. I was pleasantly surprised that it was something beautiful. What does boke mean in Australian then?

    Have a nice holiday.

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