Asian Noodle-y Brothy Soupy Stuff

Hullo.  Again.

Britain’s putting on some lovely sunshine this whole week which  means we should go straight from British sun (weak, pale, carefully optimistic) to Italian sunshine (hot, tanned and confident).  Deeply pleasing.  In the meantime here’s another pre-cooked post.

It’s technically an Asian broth of indiscriminate heritage.  I used fresh corn and prawns in this version, but you can substitute for practically anything, including tofu for vegetarians, chicken for fowl-lovers and probably some nice belly-pork (all meat pre-cooked, please) for the rest of you.  I thought it only just ok on the night, but the boyfriend was much more complimentary.  I think I was distracted by helping our neighbour climb the fence, having locked himself out of his house.  Mildly amusing, quite distracting.

Anyway, it’s quite tasty, pretty healthy and takes about 10 mins from end to end.  Can’t complain about that.


Get together whatever you fancy, but definite requirements include:-

Stock – I generally use vegetable or chicken (vegie this time)

Noodles – I only had japanese in the cupboard, I’d have ideally used vermicelli

Fish sauce

Soy sauce



And I used:

Fresh corn, sliced off the very cob it was born to (this is fun, I recommend it, and fresh corn is way nicer than frozen or canned)

Chopped bok choi or chinese greens of any variety

Spring onions


Umami powder

I also meant to put in ginger but forgot.  Also I bought lemongrass to add but couldn’be bothered to mush it all up, so didn’t.


Over a gentle heat cook the garlic, corn and spring onion (only the harder bits, leave the green tops for nicely decorating the finished product) in some vegie oil.  PLEASE DON’T BURN ANYTHING.  I’m serious, keep it gentle.


Add in your stock – made up – as much as you want depending on how much you’re making.  I suppose there’s about a litre here.  Bring it to a gentle simmer.

Add in your soy and fish sauce to taste – I used a good tablespoon of soy and probably only just a bit less of fish sauce but then I am partial to a face-slapping from it’s old-sock aroma.


Oh, I forgot to mention lime. Get some lime.

Whilst you’re waiting for the liquid to warm, slice up your chinese greens and leftover spring onions.  And that lime.


Boyfriend and I found this at Sainsburys during our last shop.  Umami is a fun word to say.  Go on, try it.


Eh?  EH?

Anyway I had nothing to lose so I chucked some of this in.  It’s got lots of stuff in it, I find it quite lemony.

Then throw in your greens, prawns and noodles (you can pre-cook the noodles if you want to speed things up).


Look – soupy stuff!  It’s a gastronomic miracle.  Takes only a few minutes for all this to cook through.  Don’t over-do it unless rubbery shellfish are your thing.


Serve in a bowl, sprinkle over some spring onion and squeeze in some lime.  Eat, wearing a piece of kitchen towel as a bib.

The dog comes in quite useful on rare occasions.  Demonstrated below is her cleaning out a yoghurt pot so we can just chuck it straight in the recycling.  Saves a rinse.



3 thoughts on “Asian Noodle-y Brothy Soupy Stuff

  1. narf77 says:

    We have been on an Asian soup jag as well. Steve cooked me an amazing vegan coconut broth with mustard and chilli mushrooms and cloud ear fungus. It was amazing! There is nothing like a hand warming bowl of Asian soup to clear out your senses and make you feel glad to be alive. Love the look of that yoghurt. I still haven’t found a vegan source of yoghurty goodness that I like. They are all way to sweet and not tarty enough. I adore Greek yoghurt and I will be bollocksed if I will make do with plastic vegan yoghurt, I would rather not eat it and just remember its stellar career as my sidekick for all of those years. I totally and utterly envy you your impending trip to Italy. Eating my way into a size 20 is one of my bucket list items right up there near the top…my next item is eating my weights worth of tropical fruit in far Northern Queensland so I guess that might even out the kilos…but who could go to Italy and not eat!!!!! I hope you get your bum pinched a few times as well (remember…I can’t live my fantasy so its up to you girl! eat…Eat…EAT! 😉 )

    • b-kom says:

      I shall eat with all the gusto I can manage! Enjoy FNQ – it’s hot up there, though…lots of sweaty mango eating and croc-avoiding….

      • narf77 says:

        I come from W.A. lots of crocs and heat there too. I am just going up to eat tropical fruit for a week and then return to repent at my leisure in fridged old Tasmania. A girl can wish…remember…EAT EAT EAT! 😉 I will be waiting for the posts and slobbering on the monitor as you work your way through italy 🙂

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