Lazy Person Pasta – Version 2


I trust you’re all well.  I’m quite well.  More well than I had expected to be considering yesterday was the boyfriend’s parent’s annual summer party and I traditionally get embarrassingly drunk.  I did, yesterday, but religiously stuck to white wine (with ice cubes in, of course) over the course of a good 9 hours, and so the cumulative effective of utter pissedness happily stayed (mostly) away until relatively near bedtime.  I do recall patting down a friend for his last cigarette (I don’t really smoke at all) and apparently I showed everyone photos of me and my mother in the mid-70s (great flares) which I have no recall of whatsoever.  I tried to show everyone the photos again this morning, sober, but was very politely informed I’d been so kind as to insist they all enjoyed them last night.


Anyway today’s post is something I very much could do with eating now but is in fact something I cooked last weekend in an effort to store up a few posts because of the busy weekend AND impending holiday.  Boyfriend is sitting next to me as I write this booking our first night’s accommodation which we only just remembered we hadn’t organised.  Don’t fancy camping out in the hire car, parked out by the airport.

I believe it’s a bit of a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingwotsit recipe that comes from yet another torn out piece of the Guardian magazine.  It’s easy, very fast, and delicious.


Gather up:






p’olive oil


I am not sure why this picture is sideways.  Do enjoy.

It’s attempting to demonstrate some neatly sliced pancetta (even the bits up if you buy pre-cut) and the kind-of finely sliced garlic.


Fry the pancetta over a bit of a high heat until they go golden and release their glorious fat.  Pour in some olive oil, you want more oil.  Turn the heat down and tip in the garlic.   Fry till it begins to soften.

Shit – forgot to say, you should obviously have been putting some salted water on to boil by this point, if not making that the first thing you do.  Chuck in the pasta, cook.


Pour in peas, as many as you feel like eating.  I like quite a lot.  Pour them in frozen, cook for a few minutes.  They won’t take long.

Drain your cooked pasta.  Smaller pasta would be good.  I think Hugh recommended risoni for this and I had a tanty when neither Carluccios nor Sainsburys sold it.  Middle class nightmare, it was.  Anyway ended up using some leftover orecchiette (Italian for little ears, I believe) instead.


See above for good example of my recipe collection.  I have actually several presents of those twee make-your-own-recipe books that I think I am supposed to paste all these into.  I never have.  They live in the drawer with the foil and clingwrap, quite happily.

Right.  Mix through the peas and pancetta with the pasta.  Season to taste.  Serve.  You don’t need cheese, it’s surprisingly rich.  Boyfriend didn’t believe me, he’d sleep in a bed made of parmesan would I only allow it.



4 thoughts on “Lazy Person Pasta – Version 2

  1. narf77 says:

    A little churchmouse who has eaten his way into a huge wheel of Parmigiana Reggiano how sweet! Sorry…spring appears to have addled my brain…what were we talking about? Right! You…getting drunk…on an annual occasion…surely they realise by now that THAT, my dear, is what Aussies do best? Nothing like a good middle class English get together to squash the bush out of a girl…just remember that it’s you, and you alone, who are responsible for holding up the good Aussie traditions and getting pissed at a bbq (no matter how posh) is part of our heritage and you dun good girl…you dun good! I had a good laugh watching Hugh Whatsizname preaching the benefits of vegetables last night (knowing that an expanding paunch and a colossal cholesterol level were the REAL reason for his newfound addiction for veggies) and trying to tell everyone that veggies aren’t that bad…DUH! Your delicious pasta shows that you can use a little bit of meat and make it go a long way in a most delicious way (sounds like a Mary Poppins song ;)). Cheers for waving the flag at your BF’s parents “do” and at least they know what your mum looks like in flares (and you are probably far enough away from her to not have to wear the backlash from that one ;)). I reacon you are only showing us the trendy bits of newspaper there…show us the dogeared ones with the daggy slices and Nigella cakes lol ;). Have a great day and cheers for a great post

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