The Mythical Chocolate Fondant

So we had some (lovely) friends over for lunch yesterday.  Running late, of course, because I had dragged the boyfriend to the gym beforehand and was having such fun torturing him with all the horrid stuff my trainer makes me do that I lost touch with the time.  Rushed home to whip up this for dessert before undertaking necessary ablutions prior to their arrival.

Chocolate fondant has some weird mythical power over people – they’re either scared to make it or impressed by it.  I am not sure why as to date I’ve never had trouble with it, to the extent that I’m willing to cook it in ShitOven.  It’s basically warm cake batter.  Anyway this recipe is from the BBC good food website and has not yet failed, so give it a go.  You want to allow yourself about 20 mins for prep, then chill it all in the fridge whilst you go clean yourself up, you filthy animals, and then 10-12 mins to cook. EASY.


You’ll need to pre-heat your oven to about 180-200C/Gas Mark 6.

You’ll want:
50g butter, melted

some cocoa powder

200g of really nice dark chocolate, bashed angrily into small pieces

200g butter, sliced up a bit

200g caster sugar (I think the BBC site says golden caster sugar but I usually don’t bother)

4 eggs PLUS 4 more egg yolks

200g plain flour

First thing you need to do is brush the moulds with melted butter and chuck them in the fridge for a few mins.  Get them back out, brush them again and then dust with the cocoa flour.  I usually chuck in half a teaspoon of cocoa and then, over the kitchen bin, roll the cocoa around the mould.  Classy AND effective.  Put the moulds back in the fridge.

I had a picture, wonderful it was too, of the moulds all buttered and cocoa-d up but WordPress is yet again being a bitch so you aren’t seeing it.

OMG IT’S REALLY IRRITATING ME.  Something’s going wrong so this post will be all effed up.  Sorry.

No, bugger that I’m not sorry.  I’m angry.  At WordPress.  YEAH.

Below is a photo of the butter and chocolate which you want to melt in a little saucepan over another little saucepan of gently simmering water.  Let it cool once all combined and melted and unctious and delicious.


Above are the eggs and sugar, pre-combining.  You want to whisk the living hell out of them till they go all pale and fluffy.  Right now I’d recommend you pretend they’re WordPress, as that’ll fuell your whisking nicely if you’re not in possession of a good electric whisk.


See above for pale and fluffy sugar-and-eggs.

Then sift in (no cheating here, I’m afraid) your flour, and combine gently.  With any luck you’ll note bubbles floating gently throughout – you want these bubbles.  Keep them, treat them gently, like the first cup of coffee you have every day.

Below is the first wash of chocolate stirred through – you want to gently mix through your chocolate in three parts.  It’s the arty part of this.

Directly below that, through the power of Shit-Wordpress (clear related to ShitOven) you’ll see a pic of the mix with the second third of chocolate mixed through.  Fascinating stuff, eh?


Mix in the last bit of chocolate gently but thoroughly and pour into a jug.


Then pour into the moulds, as demonstrated below.  Chuck them back into the fridge.  Don’t fill them to the brim, it’s foolish.  This mix made enough for five big fondants, so probably 6-8 smaller, dainty ones for people of adult disposition.  We were all comatose (but happy) after eating these.


I am rather proud of the boyfriend for allowing me to dress him up as a swimmer, having been rather exercised by the Olympic swimming finals.  Poor Australia is having a bad Olympics, though, bit hard to take.  This pic was inspired by a previous guest-poster who did the same to her clearly willing partner.  Such fun.

After having had fun with your boy/girlfriend then throw those fondants in the oven.  Keep a close eye, don’t go opening and closing the oven door, and have a look at 10 mins in.  They should look cakey with a wobble in the middle.  I left these in for 12 mins.


See above for example of quite well cooked despite ShitOven fondants.


Turn them out onto a plate or bowl or whatever, they should slip out of the moulds with the ease of supermodels embarking on relationships with people in not very good bands.

Eat.  There were raspberries to go with these but I forgot.  We ate with vanilla icecream and a slight sense of well-fed regret.



3 thoughts on “The Mythical Chocolate Fondant

  1. narf77 says:

    I feel your Aussie Olympic pain made all the harder by the fact that our team appears to have been taken over by whinging underachievers! I have decided to be British for the remains of the Olympics being married to an Ex-pat brit allows me a modicum of dignity saving ability (got to be worth SOMETHING…). You can make the fondants…I am too scared. Your oven might be shit (along with WordPress) but ours is a wood fired oven prone to the odd bout of scorching heat to temper my happiness and render me bewildered (and singed) so chocolate fondants might just be a tad optimistic until Brunhilda (the oven) and I make peace in the future and find a way to reconcile our differences (or I learn to make fondants in a hot hot oven…).

    • b-kom says:

      ShitOven is a fiery hell furnace also so you’ll probably be ok with these as they’re in for such a short period of time!

      • narf77 says:

        Might just work…designer stubble (read hacked with scissors and too lazy to shave) husband is quite partial to the odd chocolate delight and they certainly looked delicious…I might even give it a vegan twist for myself! Cheers for the push to give them a go and I will give Brunhilda a poke with the fire poker from you!

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