Quesadilla for Dummies

I’m sick again.  That’s 3 times in 3 months, and actually it’s 2 times in 3 weeks.  My face is unimpressed and my lungs are green, it’s a delicious picture.

Despite all my deep suffering I continue to cook for the family (ie: me and the boyfriend, with scraps for the dogs) and in my fevered moments earlier this afternoon decided to attempt quesadilla even though I’ve never made them before and only eaten the tiny Wahaca versions a couple of times.

Turned out ok, albeit a slightly caucasion version of what I imagine they should be.  Maybe my flu-altered palate wasn’t really getting it but next time I’ll add some lime juice and more chilis.


I’ve absolutely no idea what you’re supposed to put in a quesadilla.  I think I’d prefer the corn wraps next time, rather than the wheat ones but the local Co-Op only had wheat so that’s what I bought.
I used:

2 chicken breasts marinated in some taco seasoning and veg oil

roasted peppers from a jar – I imagine you could use fresh that you fry off at the same time as the onion

1 brown onion, fried off gently

1.5 avocados, mushed up with some lemon juice



spring oniongs

creme fraiche

cheese – cheddar this time


Fry off the chicken pieces (you’ve sliced each breast in half and then sliced again quite thinly, yeah?) in batches.  They should only take a couple minutes each side.


Slice up your peppers, fry off the onion gently, slice the jalapenos, grate the cheese, mush the avocado, etc etc.  Do all that stuff.  I  didn’t take pics of it all because (i) it’s quite dull and (ii) I’M SICK, REMEMBER?


In a frypan about the same size at the wraps, over a low heat, warm about half a teaspoon of veg oil and lay down a wrap.  Moving quite swiftly throw on some cheese, the onions and the chicken.


Then add whatever other toppings you’re going to use.  It’ll look something like the above, I suppose, if you use similar stuff to me.

Flop on the top and cook for a few minutes till the cheese has melted.

Flip and cook a couple minutes more.


It’ll come out a bit overcooked if you’re me, this thing, but actually amongst all the mush the crispy wrap was quite nice.  Obviously as I can taste nothing and crave only pseudoephedrine, tonight textures were doubley important to me.

They’re big, these things, you’ll be happy with just one.  If you want more than one you’re either a beast, drunk, or fat.  Actually I am all three of those things and still I couldn’t eat a whole one.


Top with some salsa and creme fraiche.  And, if you’ve too much avocado, some more avocado.  It’s not scientific.

Eat with a knife and fork.

I’m going to bed now because I look like the below.  I’m having fun swapping tissues from nostril to nostril.


2 thoughts on “Quesadilla for Dummies

  1. narf77 says:

    oh MAN stay away from me girl! You look like hades at the moment but I am sure that you will be back to your scintillating best quicker than you can blink. I shall say this only once…soup. It’s sicknesses best friend and the chicken version made with good stock is going to solve all of your problems in one go. Get your partner (or dog…your dog is clever right?) to make you some. NOT A TIN…it has to be home made and sip it like that pseudoephidrine that your mind is telling you is your answer to the problems of life at the moment. Your constant readers give you a small leave of absence to recover from your ills but you must remember to return to the fold as soon as practicable because there is a serious dearth of good blogs out here and yours just happens to be one of them (needy aren’t we? 😉 )

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