Blow-dry Spicy Chicken


This dish is a bastardisation of Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals jerk chicken.  A better version, if I do say so myself.  It’s less polarising, a slightly gentler approach to flavour.  Also, as demonstrated by me today, you can prepare it with wet hair and then chuck it in the oven within a timeframe that allows you to blowdry your fringe before it’s lost beyond all redemption.   By the time you’ve wrestled said fringe into submission and the boyfriend has returned with the Saturday papers, the food is ready.

Easy.  We had this for lunch today but with some extra veg it’s probably a nice supper, too.

Heat your oven to gas mark 6-ish, or 220C.  Basically quite a hot oven, please, yeah?


You want (for 2):

2 nice chicken breasts – if you can get nice big organic plump ones from your butcher.  You want skin-on

couple of spring onions

1 red chilli



chicken shake (in the early Average Baker days I told you about this stuff.  I trust you’re pretending it doesn’t exist whilst using it fairly constantly)

garlic (3 cloves)

white wine vinegar

olive oil


creme fraiche/sour cream

juice of half a lime


Slice your chicken breasts as demonstrated above – kind of in two but not really.

Cover them in olive oil and season well.  Enjoy the sensation of their cold, slippery deathness on your hands.  Oh yes.

Fry skin-side down in a pan over a good heat until the skin starts to crisp.  Give them a couple of minutes over the other side as well.


While the chicken is frying you need to blend up the saucy stuff.  In a blender throw the roughly chopped chilli (seeds and all), spring onions, garlic, a good grate of nutmeg and pinch of allspice, a generous spoon of the chicken shake, about 2 dessertspoons of the white wine vinegar and a splosh of olive oil.  I threw in some fresh sage, too, because it’s the only herb I have left that isn’t dead.



In a smallish baking dish spoon out the whazzed up saucy stuff.


Roll your chicken around in it, making sure you’ve gotten the good bits covered with the good stuff.  Stick it in the oven, the hottest shelf (usually the top) for around 15 minutes or until done.


It’ll look like this when done.  You do want a bit of charring, it’s not only flavoursome but it’s also really on trend.

Mix the juice of half a lime with the creme fraiche.


We ate ours with some corn.  It was good.

Below is what the dogs are currently suffering after nearly every visit to the park.  The foster dog, Z, hates every second.

If ever someone tries to tell you about the warm and gentle English summers, the appropriate response is to sneeze ‘Bullshit!’.  English summers are mudbaths of fairly constant precipitation and bad moods.


3 thoughts on “Blow-dry Spicy Chicken

  1. narf77 says:

    I am with you there on the dog walking misery however we are walking ours in winter and you are rightly indignant to be having to walk your dogs in similar weather. That chook looks delish and If I wasn’t a vegetarian I would be on it like a tick. I might have a go at using one of our dispatched roosters to make this. It looks hale and hearty and Steve might just love it Cheers for the recipe 🙂

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