Mum’s No-Bake Lemon Slice

So I did do some more cooking.  Or baking.  Or, rather, not-baking.
This is mum’s no-bake lemon slice.  It went only slightly wrong but still tastes really good so have a go if you like, or if you’re in charge of people or children not to be trusted with working an oven.


For the base you want:
1/2 cup condensed milk
100gm butter
200gm shortbread biscuits
1 cup dessicated coconut
zest of 2 lemons

and for the lemon icing, you need:
2 cups icing sugar
40g softened butter
Juice 2 lemons


Blitz up your shortbread biscuits.  Above is demonstratec a non-blitzed and a blitzed version, for you to compare.


This bit involves heat so make sure to do a full health and safety assessment prior, but once all is sorted melt your butter into your condensed milk, over a low heat.

Mix together the biscuits, butter and condensed milk mixture and the coconut, adding in the zested lemon, then press into a slice tin.

I forgot to add the lemon zest so had to kind of spread it over the mix I’d already pressed into the tin.  I am a spoon.

Refrigerate for an hour or so.


It’ll look like the above before refrigeration, like a metric truckload of highly buttered heart attack.


The current foster dog.  He is currently sleeping off another park visit, and is the subject of much interest from potential adopters.  I might run a raffle.

To make the icing, combine the icing sugar and lemon juice together, along with the softened butter.  I personally found the ratio a bit sweet and runny.  I was right, as you’ll see shortly. Also I put too much icing on the slice itself.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you might want to try with a cup and a half of icing sugar, the butter and lemon juice, and see where that gets you.


Pour the icing (or as much as you want to use, I’d recommend not going mega-generous here, which is not like me at all but I’m feeling mean cause it’s Sunday night and we’re past the hour of 417pm or whenever it is when people scientifically start to get moody about Monday arriving) over the slice and refrigerate again.

Leave it as long as you can before slicing.

I put too much icing on and so the below occurred, when slicing.  VERY ANNOYING.

Tastes nice, though.


3 thoughts on “Mum’s No-Bake Lemon Slice

  1. narf77 says:

    I might even enter that raffle for your foster dog he is gorgeous! Love the lemon slice and my mum used to make WAY too much icing for everything so I don’t know what any slice or cake is actually meant to look like aside from doused in icing. To me…your lemon slice looks perfect…just the way mum makes 😉

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