(Leftover Chicken) Soup


I’m having a self-pity weekend.  The boyfriend and literally all my friends (ok not all but all the very regularly seen friends) are away at a fun camping music thingy I have been going to since it started.  I have missed it this year due to Shit Tonsils (no relation to ShitOven) and a run on antibiotics (meaning no boozes).  Also I suppose that camping in the likely cool and damp conditions wouldn’t be wise when feeling a bit crappy.

ANYWAY me and the dog have been hanging out since Friday afternoon.  Boyfriend is due home in a couple of hours so I have done lots of things today I didn’t do yesterday (eg: pick up dog poo, loads of washing, sheet-cleaning, baking of banana bread – to be seen below – general tidying) in anticipation of his return.  Yesterday was kind of sunny here in London so I took advantage to go outside on a long walk with the dog, figuring I might as well feel crappy outside in the sunshine as I already know how it is to feel crappy when on the sofa.

So, I have made soup with some leftover roast chicken.  I haven’t made chicken stock with the carcass, which is probably illegal considering where I live; am sure all the mummies make chicken stock around here but I am not a mummy and I didn’t make stock.  It’s quite nice soup, though of course I’ve now made it, even I can smell it’s nice but in no way do I want to eat it. Amoxycillin (the pencillin I’m taking) makes me well nauseous.  I should really get extra girlfriend points for cooking at all, considering the deathly state I’m in.

Lo, soup!  It’s a bit Italian-y I suppose, but not really.



Leftover chicken ( I shopped in a druggy haze on Friday and bought a chicken I didn’t really want or need, hence the making of the soup)


Onion (I used red cause I thought I didn’t have any white ones.  I was wrong.  Use white if you can).

Tin of beans – cannelini or borlotti or anything like that

Tin of chopped tomatoes


Chicken stock – bout 1 litre

Olive Oil

Carrot/Potatoes/any kind of veg you like – some jarred roasted capsicum is nice

Herbs – only one I had alive in the garden was sage.  So I used sage.


Chop the carrot into small but not microscopic pieces.  Dice the onion and mince the garlic and gently fry over a low heat, with seasoning and a good glug of olive oil, until the onion goes a bit opaque.  Don’t burn anything.


Shred the chicken – you want at least 2 cups.  At this stage the dog will be actively drooling over the kitchen floor.  Enjoy that.

Chop up the potato into bite-sized chunks.  Sort your herbs out.  I roughly chopped the sage, sagely.


Add the potato and herb to the pan and raise the heat slightly, and cook for a few minutes.


Then add the stock, about 2/3 tin of the beans (no idea what you want to do with the rest.  Chuck them in if you don’t mind a beany soup) and half the tin of tomatoes.  Let it get to simmer.

As demonstrated above there’ll be weird scummy bubbly stuff on top – skim it off.  Taste for seasoning.  Add more seasoning (probably) and I should say here that cracked black pepper is nice in this soup.


Add the chicken and cook for a few more mins to heat it through.

Leave it on the stove, uneaten (your boyfriend doesn’t even really like soup, you’ve clearly gone mad, go lie down for a while).  If you do it eat, please finely grate over some nice parmesan and eat with some nice bread.  It’ll be nice.

Stand in the kitchen admiring your loads of washing drying outside.  As an Australian living in the UK I never tire of the rare privilege of drying my washing outside.  Sad days are these.

I’m off to whinge at someone else a while now.




2 thoughts on “(Leftover Chicken) Soup

  1. ediblethings says:

    I wish you wellness. If the Boyfriend wont eat this either, I’d be happy to receive a food parcel

    • b-kom says:

      Ha – I must give him credit – he’s eating it right now and says it’s very good….but he’s post-festival and non-bathed and eaten nothing but beer and pizza since Friday, so I am sure it does.

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