Raspberry/Macadamia/Chocolate Brownie-Blondie Slice Type Thing

I totally just did something wrong and wiped all the stuff I’d written.

It was fabulous stuff, too, taking you through last weekend’s surprisingly hangover-free sunday, and making mention of such things as multiple daytime naps and bacon.

It was due to those things that there were no posts last weekend.  Today you get one, though.  You kind of get one twice.  The one I wrote before this one (WHERE IS IT, INTERNET, WHERE?), and now this one.  Again.

Baking.  Set your oven to preheat at moderate.


This is a recipe from an Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook, always trustworthy.  They call it a blondie cause it’s got white chocolate in it instead of brown.  Ours ended up with brown chocolate in it, for reasons that shall soon become clear.

Ingredients above.  S’got fruit in it and so that makes it healthy.  Click on the photo to make it big, and then you can read it properly.

The macadamias we got were from South Africa which, as a proud Australia, I was offended by.

We haven’t bothered with the icing sugar, either.  We’re plain people.


Melt the butter and 200g of the white chocolate in a saucepan, over a low heat.  Keep stirring.  Seriously.  And keep the heat low.  Keep your eyes on it.


I didn’t take my own advice and instead took fun pictures of the boyfriend greasing and lining the slice pan.  Wahey!


Then when I returned to the hob, this had happened.  It’s the wrong thing.  You don’t want this to happen.  It kind of looked like the regurgitated sickness of a newborn baby.  Ungood.  Chuck it out.

Luckily the boyfriend had purchased a metric shitload of chocolate on the Sainsburys run this morning so we could reboot this stage.


Rebooted.  It should look like the above, ideally, when all melted.


Pour it from the saucepan into a bowl, and the act of doing this will cool the mix enough for you to work with.  Alternatively you could do what the recipe says and melt the stuff in a bigger saucepan and do all the mixing in said saucepan but that’d just be boringly obedient.

We’d recommend annointing your fingers with a raspberry, and then the raspberry with some of the mix.  Looks rude, tastes good.


Now add in your carefully measured flours and sugar.  It’ll start to look like baby sick again, but arguably the sick of a slightly older baby.  Maybe 9 months or so.

Don’t worry.


Mix through the chopped chocolate (dark for us as we ran out of white after FOUR PACKETS had to be used, two sacrificed to ineptitude).

Then add the raspberries.  We went for fresh.


Tip out onto your greased and lined tray.

The use of fresh raspberries, as opposed to frozen, will result in a slightly bloodbath-y look.  I didn’t mind it, personally.


Smooth it all out to the edges, even it out and stick it in the oven.  I went for the lower shelf due to ShitOven, and despite that manouevre still had to cover the thing with foil halfway through.  Should take about 40 mins to cook, or until firm.


Let it cool in the pan and then take out and slice up as you wish.

It’s bloody delicious.

Below is the dog admiring the cupboard full of doggy treats and food items.  This morning we all took a trip to Pets at Home, as we do every couple of months.  It’s small moments of togetherness such as this which keep our love strong.  We get to use the joint account to pay for it all.



3 thoughts on “Raspberry/Macadamia/Chocolate Brownie-Blondie Slice Type Thing

  1. narf77 says:

    As a regular “where did my post go?!” blogger I sympathise with you totally. I spend ages hitting “Save” as I go to make sure that at least a vague draft of what I have slaved over for hours is still there. I also have a backup word doc of my post in case “fool me once WordPress…FOOL ME ONCE! (shaking fist!)”… don’t feel bad about the macadamias coming from South Africa as South Africa may as well be a state of Australia. We have enough of them living here, their plants seem to be our most tenacious weeds and even their accent has been mistaken for an AussZealand accent on regular occasions so for the sake of this post lets just call those macadamias “Seethostraylyin” and be done with it! I am going to have to hide this post from my husband Steve…he has a newfound overenthusiastic interest in blondies and has had me making date blondies every waking hour since he found the recipe a few months ago…even the dogs can have a bit as there is “no chocolate here matey!” so my life is spent bent over the wood fired stove with endless pans of blondies coming out and going in…this would fry his neurons it looks so scrumptious! I am VERY lucky that I get up first and read the rss feed so I can copy this recipe and hide it from him to be revealed at a later date when raspberries are ripe here and I can bombard his senses with heaven. Lol…love your honesty about the chocolate…I would have given it to Earl (Amstaff) and been done with it! “Nothing to see here…move along folks”! ;). Nothing like a bit of rude food to send your cooking adventure to the next level…(is that an eyeball in the lower left hand quadrant of your raw trayed slice picture?!)…BUGGER! Now you have the dog (who faithfully watches while the husband sleeps) wanting a cupboard full of treats like your dog has (he also wants to know how your dog stays so thin…). MAN this post was probably deleted by WordPress to save poor shmucks like me from a month long guilt trip from both husband and dogs!…sigh…

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