Aunty Debra’s Scones

Scones.  Very Britisher.
The below recipe is my Aunty Debra’s, and it seems to work, for me at least, and I didn’t make scones for the first time till fairly recently as they scared the living hell out of me.


Aunty Deb’s recipe, written indeed by  her own fair and very distinctive hand.

FYI, 1 oz of butter is about 28g.  Go for 30g, I did. Also, make sure the butter is cold.  Also, your hands should be cold too, ideally, so frigid them up nicely in your freezer or on the immovable iceblock that is an old relative’s heart.  Not any of my relatives, I should say.


You definitely need to sift the flour and salt twice.  Even I bother with this and you know that usually I consider sifting a major waste of time.  Chuck out any yucky bits that appear.  Then add the teaspoon of sugar.


Then rub in the butter.  Cut it up into small bits first, it’ll make your life easier.

Keep rubbing the butter in till you can’t feel any greasy little bits hanging about anymore, and it looks a bit breadcrumby, as above.


Add about half the milk. Use a knife to cut through the mix with the milk in it. I am not sure why other than Aunty Debra decrees it and therefore it must be so.  It probably helps to not knock the air out of the dough or something.

Anyway don’t ask awkward questions, just do as you’re told.

It’ll start to look like the above.


Keep adding tiny bits of milk. It’ll all start coming together, like a good outfit.  Keep adding till it just about comes together.  Don’t touch it with your hands, your filthy hands, at all.


Turn it out onto a floured surface. I’m going with my trusty piece of green plastic.  It’ll be a very sad day when that green plastic thing dies.  Very carefully and with as little man(or lady-) handling as possible, shape the dough together, keep it quite high.


Like thus.  You’re ready to cut the scones.  If you have a cookie cutter type thing then yay for you.  If not use a glass or something of a size that pleases you.  Cut away, cut those scones, set them free.  Place them quite close to one another on a baking-paper lined baking tray.  Of course you’ll have preheated your oven to hot.


Once on the tray, brush with some milk.  I guess these were about a good 2cm or more high at this stage.  See how close they’re placed?  Not touching but definitely inside personal space boundaries, like well-behaved teenagers at a baptist youth group.

Stick them in the oven.  Rotate 180 degrees half way if you need do.  I obviously did.  They’ll take 10-12 mins or so.


And lo, the scones were born.  A bit like bread they should sound hollow when you knock on the base.  They rise up a bit in the oven, too.  I’ve obviously got slightly browner (ie: blacker) tops than I’d like due to ShitOven.


Sorry for the crappy photo.  This is an attempt to show you what the insides of a scone should look like.

From this you’ll deduct that they look out of focus, mostly.


Eat, with jam and cream. IN THAT ORDER AND THAT ORDER ONLY.

It’s actually illegal to eat scones if you put the cream on first, and then the jam on top.  Illegal and offensive.

Below are the dogs.  From their expressions you can see that they have been really enjoying the BBC coverage of the jubilee.  Really.

PS: My french friands of the previous post won 3rd place in another street’s incredibly competitive street party cake-off.  So that’s an Aussie winning a British comp with a french cake.  I approve entirely.



7 thoughts on “Aunty Debra’s Scones

  1. Mel says:

    I am so glad you know, and heartily advocate, the correct way to add jam & cream. I cannot convince the Big Guy of this, who thinks he knows best, but he is a misguided Swedish fool!

    • b-kom says:

      He’s just wrong about the jam/cream thing.

      • Mel says:

        You are far more accommodating than I am. But also right, he thinks the cream should be the equivalent to butter. They don’t really have a cream tea tradition over there.
        Obviously, in general, he is not so misguided…

  2. biondino says:

    In Italy we have a saying about the jam/cream issue. “Chi se ne frega un cazzo”. Useful in many areas of life, that.

  3. narf77 says:

    how about this one (from a fellow Aussie)…”Life is TOO short for bad wine” and in this case you should load up those AMAZING SCONES (the recipe for which is being hurriedly scratched down in my early morning handwriting on the back of hubbies “YOU HAVE WON”! mars bar wrapper…best put it somewhere else…) with jam, cream, lemon curd, chocolate shavings, vegemite ANYTHING would taste good on those scones. I am deliberately waiting till my husband has gone outside to have a look at this post because my scones are sad and most lame examples of deflation. I couldn’t have him holding me up to you and saying “look what that person did!” now could I? Especially as he is from the U.K. and I imported him. Our boys wouldn’t even give the poor queen the time of day for our coverage out here…Bezial and Earl were A.W.O.L. from the telly and preferred to lay in front of the wood stove…I guess they are Republicans to the core!
    Hubby has been watching all of my U.K. blog readings as I peruse and it has ignited a newfound desire to paint his music room with a Union Jack wall…cheers guys…(sigh…)
    Best head off and get this off his mars bar wrapper before he cashes it in and the ONLY one winning is Mars! (new flavoured mars bar?!!! bet they would get it wrong and put the cream on first 😉 )

    • b-kom says:

      Yes bad wine is never good….trust you’ve managed to transcribe safely. As an Aussie transplanted to the UK you can reassure your husband that i am confident union jacks on walls are not a good thing.

      Let me know how you get on with the scones….

      • narf77 says:

        I can tell him but he is an aquarius…(can’t hear anything once an idea gets into his head 😉 ). I think his marshall amps are going to be painted red, white and blue as well…I think he has a form of homesickness that doesn’t exhibit in wanting to return, he loves it here, it exhibits in the occasinal need for mushy peas and Union Jacks…oh well, its HIS music room I guess! ;). I will let you know how I get on with the scones (as filtered through hubby and the dogs who are very VERY fussy lol). Cheers for a great post.

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