An Excellent Snack – Hannah’s Savoury Crumpets


If, like me and the boyfriend, you were up and at the gym by 9am, were murdered by a frankly offensively fit youth who coached you around a 30 minute circuit hell-routine and then once home you took the dog for an hour’s walk through the famously gorgeous Wormwood Scrubs (it’s not gorgeous tho’ bits are kind of cool), then you may also deserve a delicious lunch such as that laid out below.

This is a recipe stolen from the amazing Hannah who is a Masterchef finalist and the best baker I know.  Her blog is sweet and delightful – the polar opposite of mine – and you can find it here –

Anyway it’s kind of Welsh rarebit on crumpets.  Fast, easy, delicious and absolutely fattening.


You want:-


Worcester Sauce

Dijon mustard



1 egg

We also like a bit of ham with it – you can put it on the crumpet before all the cheese if you like, but I prefer it on the side with the hot crumpets.  Hot crumpets bit on the side.  Yes.


Grate the cheese.  If you have a dog they will helpfully catch any flying bits.  If you have any other starving housemates, invite them along to catch.


We used about half a large block for six crumpets.  You absolutely don’t need six crumpets between two people but we are keen to undo all the good work achieved at the gym and this was just about the fastest way to do that.

Put the cheese in a bowl, and add one egg, a good teaspoon of Dijon, a healthy splash of Worcester (this will all be to taste, you’ll work it out) and seasoning.  Mix together.  Make sure your crumpets are toasting while all this gratery activity is undertaken.


On the grill tray put your toasted crumpets and pile on the cheese mix.  Stick them under the grill till they go bubbly and brown.  It’s not long.  A few minutes if your grill is any good.  Our grill is about the only good thing about the Shit Oven.


Voila.  Freakin’ delicious.  See below for bitten version – all the cheesy goodness melts into the crumpet fjords, it’s religious.



3 thoughts on “An Excellent Snack – Hannah’s Savoury Crumpets

  1. Liv rodgers says:

    No no no the cheese must seep into the crumpet and ham on crumpet prevents that. Do a grilled cheese with ham instead

  2. Peter shilton says:

    Looks and sounds great but what really struck me was the grammar. There was sarcasm, bad language and an almost satirical attitude to nutrition that I found very entertaining in the description. Never had housemates that bright myself.
    But the ham gets chopped up and put in with the cheese obviously.

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