Extremely Tasty Chicken & Vermicelli



Made this last night.  It was Really Very Good and so you should make it too.  It’s a take on a Bill Granger recipe (ie: pretty much a Bill Granger recipe) except I added some leftover asparagus and left out the cashews.  Also, because Bill looks so nice and clean and I imagine smells like soap I always cook with ‘Will You Marry Me Bill?’ in my head.  He won’t, because he’s already married and I shouldn’t because I already have a perfectly nice and good-looking boyfriend, but the lyrics remain.

I like the smell of soap.

Anyway this is chicken and vermicelli and stuff.  It’s easy and delicious.


Get together the following:-

6-8 chicken thighs, boneless and skinless (6 thighs = two large portions, 8 thighs = 4 much less greedy portions)

3 tablespoons Nam Plan (fish sauce)

3 cloves of garlic

chillis – I think Bill recommends a couple of red ones chopped up, I didn’t have any so used dried chilli flakes which worked fine

cracked black pepper

2 teaspoons caster sugar

vege oil

AND…for the noodles and dressing

vermicelli (I used a ready packet from Waitrose but they’re easy to get from most supermarkets)


asparagus (if you’re me) or crushed cashews (if you’re Bill, raw ones)

mint (didn’t use)

lime juice (I used 3 limes)

4 spring onions

another 2 small tablespoons sugar


In a bowl put the fish sauce, crushed garlic, chilli, your personal preference in regards to amounts of pepper and the 2 teaspoons sugar, whisking till the sugar has dissolved.  Pour half over the chicken thighs and let them hang out in the marinade for about half hour at least.


In another bowl add the rest of the sugar and the lime juice, again whisking till sugar’s dissolved.  Bill recommends a HEAP more sugar than I added.  I reckon I’m right on this one, which may mean I can never marry Bill even if he gets divorced, abandons his three daughters and I break up with my good-looking boyfriend and move back to Australia.

The whisking takes a few minutes.  I used the time to catch up on twitter.


At this point you either pour some boiling water on your dry vermicelli as per packet instructions, or if you’re me you chuck them in a bowl with the raw asparagus and chuck them in the microwave for 2 mins.  When they’re done rinse in cold water so they come back to room temperature.

Don’t leave them all hot and bothered, they’ll totally gloop up and you’ll have very little to eat.


If you test the noodles for done-ness, entertain yourself by giving gormless, noodle-themed smiles to your phone camera.


Cucumber.  Slice them up – above you’ll see demonstrated one cored and one un-cored cucumber.  Core the cucumber, using a teaspoon.  It’s interestingly satisfying, you’ll be glad you did it.

Slice up the asparagus, if you’re using it, or anything else.  At this point chuck in the mint as well as the sliced spring onions.


Mix through the noodles, with most of the dressing.  You may need to use your hands for this, as vermicelli does not, I find, wish to share its space with intruding vegetables, preferring rather to sit in sulky clumps.  You must force its hand with yours.


In a hot pan cook the thighs, weighing down with a plate or lid as demonstrated above.  It helps with crisping.


Crispy thighs, much like mine get after too long in the Aussie sun.  Mine are much less delicious, I’m afraid, when crispy.

Serve, drizzling a bit of the leftover noodle dressing over it all.




2 thoughts on “Extremely Tasty Chicken & Vermicelli

  1. biondino says:

    It really is good, too. My worry i she’ll never be able to make it that good again and it’ll be forever a disappointment.

    Are the “good-looking boyfriend” references because I paraded into the kitchen and asked if I was looking “sharp”? Are they sarcastic? *shakes fist*

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