Cheat’s Frittata


My friend K came over for lunch today.  I had a session at the gym to survive this morning (I did survive, although it was a close, sweaty and ugly thing)… and so needed something easy but tasty to cook.  Tasty because K is married to a very good cook and has high standards.

I made cheat’s frittata.  It’s kind of a layered omelette.  Or a cheaty frittata.  You choose.


Use whatever you like.  The non-negotiable ingredients include eggs, seasoning, butter and milk.

I used some sweet potato, potato, asparagus, antipasto type capsicum and chorizo, pre-sliced.  It’s pretty cheaty.  I also had some parsley to stick on after it was all cooked (high standards, remember?) and some pre-grated parmesan to put in the egg mixture.


Microwave your root vegetables – I did 5 mins on high.  Your oven might have some fancy pre-set thing that sorts this out for you.  Mine does, too, however I’ve not the faintest clue how to get it to work.


Slice your veg up.  See above.


Layer.  Put a good slosh of vege oil in the bottom of an oven-proof frypan, swoosh around so it’s covered all the base.  I layered the sweet potato then put on a layer of chorizo.  Then asparagus and potato, as you can see.  Then another of chorizo and then the rest.


Pretty, innit?  This is the best it will ever look so take a minute to appreciate it.


In a bowl crack 6 eggs, put generous amounts of seasoning and cheese, and a slosh of milk to loosen it all up – you want it loose like my friend K gets after too much gin.


Gently pour the eggy mix over the layered stuff – not too tsunami-like else you’ll shift those carefully placed layers and you can no longer legitimately call it a frittata.  Plonk on some butter.  Cook it over a gentle heat on your stove-top for a bit.


When you see the edges start to come away, like demonstrated above, it’s time to stick it in the oven.

Sorry – forgot to say – warm your oven up – around Gas Mark 4/5 (180C or so).

Stick it in the oven.  This is why it’s important you use an oven-proof saucepan.  I didn’t just suggest that for the fun of it.

At this point I went to blow dry my hair.  If I don’t do it soon after showering my fringe gets very upset and I just don’t have the right medication to deal with it.  Anyway, basically I’m saying you’ve time to do something like go blow dry your hair for a bit.  Or whatever else it is you men do in the bathroom.


I guess this was about 7-10 mins after being in the oven – it won’t be entirely fully PROPERLY done yet but it’s almost there.


Finish off under the grill, if you can bear it, for a further 5 mins or so or until just ready to the touch.

We ate it with some rocket and balsamic because today we are being middle class.

Forgot to take a photo of the dished up product so below is the leftovers – you can see it loses a little volume as it cools but it tasted bloody good.



3 thoughts on “Cheat’s Frittata

  1. biondino says:

    We have a FREEZER full of parmesan and you buy some pre-grated?! (little glimpse into the avg baker’s domestic life there)

  2. KB says:

    It was delicious. I had two bits! Kx

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