Guest Post – Cherry (C)Ripes

Hi again.  I’m still in Australia.  Since I last posted I have travelled across the continent (4500km in each direction) to spend a grand total of 31 hours in my very good friend’s company.  I’ve just arrived back in my state of origin.  It’s 1230am and I’m a bit tired but I bloody love youse all so much I’m posting this now.  Also M, the guest poster, has been waiting a couple of days for me to sort this out.  Sorry M.

M’s been a bit bold and done her take on the Aussie legend that is a Cherry Ripe.  By bold I mean brave.  And really foolish.  See below for how it all panned out.  M lives in Amsterdam and has a rather more serious approach to cooking (ie she is a bit good and thoughtful regards the whole shebang) and I shall do the polite thing and link to her blog (it’s to be found here – ) although if I find you have all left me for her I shall be really pissed off.

Might be back in London next time, might not.  It’s been nice and sunny here, for the most part.  That’s been nice.  Also I am aware the boyfriend has been mainlining Game of Thrones, Skyrim and beer in my absence, and wonder what state he and the house (and the dog) might be in.



I promised Ms Baker that I would do her a guest post while she was away. I had the pleasure of visiting her beautiful country over Christmas this year, where I developed a worrying addiction for Cherry Ripes . These little cherry & coconut chocolate lovelies are made by Cadbury’s, so it should be possible to get them everywhere, but it turns out that Cadbury think that they should be reserved exclusively for Antipodeans, which I think is a bit of an outrage. So, I decided to make some myself.

Turns out that they are not as easy to make as I had thought, and I had to do a lot of experimental coconut thingys to get the right combinations. I was also doing this across three or four different kitchens, as I am on a whistle stop tour of the UK, seeing friends, seeing parents and attending a significant birthday celebration and a wedding. Anyway, just know that I have toiled hard for you on this one. I also got the formula from Divalicious, who had posted about home made “Bounty” bars

So, Cherry Cripes; easy now I have done the formulating for you:

Collect up:

250 g Desiccated coconut, plus a bit more, just in case

200 g Glace cherries, including the syrupy stuff in the pot

200 g Dried cherries (or you can use all glace cherries, but I found this made a very wet, sticky mixture)

1 Tin Coconut Milk

3 tbsp Coconut Oil – you can get this from Health food shops, so I’m going to assume it is good for you

4 or so tbsp Cherry Jam

300 g good chocolate – Cadbury’s do both milk and dark versions. I like the dark version best.

Chop all of the cherries finely, then add that, the syrup,the desiccated coconut, and the coconut milk together in a big bowl. Give it a bit of a mix.

Melt the oil and jam together. Coconut oil is not actually liquid at room temperature, but is a solid lump of white. Don’t let that put you off. When it is melted with the jam, it should be a dark red anyway.

Bung this in the bowl with the other stuff. Give it a good mix, or get a friend’s child to do it for you. This is relatively safe, because the coconut oil melts at a quite low temperature.

You want the mixture to be fairly dry. If you feel that it is too wet, then add more desiccated coconut, until it sticks together, but is not wet.

Grease a swiss roll tin, with a little oil – don’t use your best extra virgin, or your stuff will taste of olive oil, not cherries. This will not be a pleasant thing. Something with no flavour, like sunflower is probably best.

Put the coconutty cherry mix into the tin, and smooth it out so it is fairly flat. Stick it in the fridge overnight. You can play with your dog while you wait for the stuff to set. This is my dog, who is not as dainty as the one you normally see on these pages.

Next day, melt some chocolate in a double boiler. Cut the coconutty stuff into small strips, then shape a little to make logs. Not massive ones, or you chocolate bar will look a bit like a poo, which should be avoided. Roll the coconut logs in the melted chocolate, and then set aside to set.

Serve up to Aussie friends, and listen to them telling you that they are not as artificially cherry flavoured as their favourite chocolate bar from home.



2 thoughts on “Guest Post – Cherry (C)Ripes

  1. […] hold of them, but for now, this is my best attempt at Cherry Cripes, and you can read all about it here. Please do have a look, and let me know what you think. Yes, even my Aussie friends….! Share […]

  2. Angie C says:

    These look delicious! Although I have not tried the orginal bars, will definitely be trying out this version!

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