A Minor Hiccup


I am taking a little unscheduled trip home to Australia.  My gran’s house, where I’ll be staying, has recently moved into the modern world and now has interweb so I shall be able to keep up with World Events (rather then via The West Australian, Perth’s one and only newspaper, and a very shit one at that).  I might even try to blog my gran cooking something, as she’s quite aces.

In the interim I have some very nice friends who will be guest posting.  Aren’t you lucky?

But for now it’s bye from me. I’ve of course become ill with a rotten throat just before takeoff so god bless the poor soul who will be sitting next to me.  I am basically a lump of bad temper and sore swallows.


This doesn’t help. Sometimes I can use my frequent flyer points to upgrade but Emirates have recently changed it all and now you need approximaely 1 million points (or pounds) to upgrade.  Inhuman.


And I’ll leave you with the dog undertaking some heavy begging.  This particular effort was so well done she was rewarded with a dry cracker.  Good job.

See you later.



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