Kedgeree. It’s OK.

So.  Kedgeree.  For some reason it’s lived in my mind as a strange land for a long while, and recently I decided to give it a shot, remembering that I used to actually like my grandmother’s ‘curried tuna’ even though I didn’t like curry or tuna separately.

Doing a bit of research (I sat around for the  majority of the Easter break, I had some time) I found several hundred different recipes – different ingredients, different spices, different methods.  I kind of put together the best of what I read (including contributions from Stein and Oliver) and came up with what follows.  Essentially it’s an ok dish.  Not sure it’ll become a regular in our house, and maybe its tasty-factor (which is actually quite high) didn’t quite register with us as (i) we’d had the previously blogged curry the night before, and (ii) we’d massively over-indulged, beautifully, at the boyfriend’s parents’ at lunch, and so a big supper wasn’t really warranted.

Anyway.  Kedgeree.


Get together:

bay leaves (I used two)

mustard seeds

tumeric (pinch)

cardomon pods (3, broken open)

garam masala (pinch)

chicken stock (bout  a litre)

couple eggs, to be boiled

350g smoked haddock.  Undyed if you can find it.  I couldn’t.

Also some fresh lemon and coriander or parsley for serving.

Oh, and rice.  Basmati.  We had wholegrain.  Bout 250g we used.  Or I did.

Oh oh, and some butter.


In a big pan (one that you can stick a lid on) put the spices (inc mustard seeds, I used about a teaspoon), finely chopped onion and I reckon a good dessertspoon of butter.  Fry it gently for about five minutes until the onion starts to soften.


Add the uncooked rice – stir it through, making sure it’s evenly covered with all the buttery spicey goodness.  Then add 3/4 of the stock, reserving the rest in case you need to add more later.  Stir a couple of times then stick the pan lid on.  Cook for about 25 mins or so, or until the rice is cooked.  I like the wholewheat basmati.  Or wholemeal or whatever it was – anyway it’s got a bit of texture to it, doesn’t go all soggy.  Keep checking occasionally to give a quick stir and to add more stock it you think it needs it.


While the rice is cooking, poach the fish in a pan of boiling water, for about 5 mins.  Boil the eggs – I put mine in before the water boils and take out after around 6-7 minutes.  Be impressed with your own multi-tasking.


Let the foul looking fish cool off a bit.  Go check on the dogs.


Find that the rescue dog has really been feeling well.  And clearly confident.  Tell the rescue dog that it is being moved to a new home on Thursday.  Mop up the rescue dog’s tears.

(to reassure you, she is moving to a very posh home, she is lucky.  I wish I were going….).


This is the rice, cooked.  You’ll note there is a bit of liquid left.  I turned off the heat and let it all steam a bit longer, and then drained off any excess as I hate dribble.

Flake in the haddock and, if you don’t live in our house, chop up the boiled eggs and coriander/parsley and gently stir through over a low heat, to warm it up a bit.  Chuck in another generous knob of butter.


Eat after squeezing some lemon juice over it all.  Bit of fresh cracked black pepper is nice, too.  I am the only one who likes eggs and who can eat coriander, in our house, so this is what mine looked like.  Like I said, really quite tasty.  Recommend you eat it on an empty stomach, though.


Recline, filling your belly even more with the final surviving easter bunny, wallowing in the knowledge that Tuesday brings work and dieting.  BOO.


2 thoughts on “Kedgeree. It’s OK.

  1. ediblethings says:

    Did the rescue dog have a go a the Silver spoon? Good job she’s off today…
    (seriously though, well done on getting her to look so spritely in such a short space of time)

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