Made chapatis for the first time.  They’re quite easy and I think I’m getting to the place in life where I prefer to eat my curries with a bread side, rather than rice.  Who knew.


You want:

2 cups plain flour

tablespoon melted butter

bout a cup of warm water (ish)

pinch salt


I also added some cumin seeds.  It was a good idea.  You should do it.


Whisk together the flour and salt, add the cumin seeds and pour in your melted butter.  If you want to you can let it cool.  Then it’s a bit ghee-like.  Today I didn’t.  Start to stir through, adding very small amounts of warm water, mixing till combined.  You want a nice firmish dough.


When it gets to this stage you need to start getting really parsimonious with the water otherwise you’ll take it over and it’ll become a gluey mess you can plug holes in your windows with.


Should look like this.  Make sure it looks like this.

Stick it in a bowl, cover with clingwrap and leave it for half an hour.  Go find something to do.


I dressed the dog up as Leeloo from the Fifth Element.  Obviously.


Go back to your dough.  Cut it up into about ping-pong ball shaped sizes.


Roll them out, using a sprinkling of flour.  We can tell you that you want to get them nice and thin, cause we didn’t, first off, and got it wrong.  So thin.  Thin like the lips of a dowager.


In a dry pan over a heat, put the chapati and leave till it starts to bubble – hopefully you can see the bubbles in the photo above.  Turn over for about a minute, then tong over to a bare flame (again as evidenced above, so much information in just one photo….amaze).  Turn it over the flame a bit, should help puff it up.  Stick it on a plate in an oven on a v low heat.  Eat with curry.


7 thoughts on “Chapatis

  1. Olivia says:

    Oooh! Exciting! I’ve wondered how to make these for quite a while, AND have left over curry in the fridge… I’m so doing these later. Also, did your cumin seeds go out of date in 2010?

  2. Olivia says:

    Chapati success! I hadn’t any cumin seeds, and put garlic powder in for lols. Very nice! And I heartily support ignoring best before dates and relying instead on mould formation.

  3. Olivia says:

    Also: these could be converted into tortillas somehow, right? Right?!

  4. roszs says:

    I never eat rice with curry. Chapati ALL THE WAY. You don’t need forks neither then. Stupid forks.

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