I Curd You Like Lemons

Hello again.

I think I’ve mentioned before I like lemon. Or, rather, as a member of my particular family it was like lemon or be excommunicated. Lemon curd is good stuff. It can be used as toppings on scones or crumpets, or fillings in pies or just for spooning into an already sour-looking face. Whatever you like.

I made some today cause we’ve friends coming over tomorrow and their sour faces will be eating this lemon curd via deliberately untidy puff-pastry (ready made, obviously) tartlet thingies I cooked on an upside down muffin tin. I’ve not included that bit in this post as it’s incredibly elementary and I don’t want to insult you. Much.



You want:-

125g cold unsalted butter, cut into quite small pieces – do this and put the pieces in the fridge till you need them

two good eggs

two more egg yolks

125g caster sugar

125ml fresh lemon juice

pinch salt


Juice your lemons. If you have a juicer like the one I was gifted, above, then this should take you about 3 minutes. That juicer is BRILLIANT.


In a bowl (sometimes recipes say you should use metal, but I’ve never had a problem using Pyrex), whisk together the eggs and sugar and salt, then add the lemon juice and mix it up nicely.


Put it over a pan of gently simmering water, making sure the water isn’t actually touching the bowl’s bottom. Seriously.

Make sure you’re wearing comfy shoes. You’ll be standing in this spot for about 5-10mins.


Get stirring with a wooden spoon. DO NOT STOP. The mix will gradually begin to thicken, as I’ve attempted to demonstrate with the above photo. It’s a bit thickish there.

Once it noticeably starts to thicken, I cook for about 5 mins longer, turning off the heat at about 4 mins.


You’ll know it’s done cause if you swipe your (no doubt utterly hygienic) finger across the back of your wooden spoon it’ll leave a line. Do it lots of time, the curd tastes aces and you of course want to make sure it’s at the right stage. But mostly caues it tastes aces.


Take the bowl off the heat and throw in your chilled butter, whisking quickly so it all melts into the mixture. It’ll make it all glossy and creamy.


Voila. Welcome to lemon curd. You can now do with this as you wish. I recommend letting it chill for a bit (although it is nice served warmish) and make sure you put some clingfilm over the bowl so it doesn’t develop a skin.

This whole thing works with a van-load of other fruits, too. Lime is good, blood orange can be nice and if you can be bothered to get a nice smooth raspberry coulis sorted then that is brilliant too. Lemon is best, of course.

Look. Curd pies.



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