The Return


I’m sorry to say we came back from Gozo.  I liked Gozo.  It had places like this:


I sat there for a while.


So did my toes.


I ate delicious seafood.  This was an octopus, once.


I drank yummy Maltese beer.  This happened to be an Australian-level chilled (ie: properly cold) proper can of beer drunk by the sea at sunset.  It was deeply satisfactory.


Came home to the lovely foster-dog too.  She is looking Well.  The other dog is still here, I should mention, just not featuring in this post.  She’s presently farting her way through a mid-evening nap.

I think I might make something beef-ribby this weekend for some friends who are coming to lunch.  If I do, I’ll try to post it, this blog was of course supposed to be about food.


But just to leave you with one last view of the waters of Gozo.  There’s food in those waters, so it probably counts as ok.


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